Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well I Dont.

I don’t believe in Tradition I despise the term “that’s the way we have always done it.” This applies more to “away from home” then anything else. A tradition within one’s own home has a different set of values set to it.

I don’t believe in Politics the same way atheists don’t believe in God. I see a bunch of people running around fooling themselves about a governmental system that works. Hogwash. The rich will always make the rules and the voices of many will be drowned out by the thoughts of few. (Ooh, that’s rather profound! I like that! I’m going to have to check Bartlett’s and make sure no one else has said that.)

I don’t believe in Luck. I want to, I really do! However, if I did I would have to believe that I do not have any. No. Strike that. I would have a negative amount.

I do not believe in Destiny. Everything is random and time is fluid. One wrong turn can make or break a lifetime. (Yet another pithy quote! Somebody needs to be writing these down.)

I don’t believe that the Bible is complete. The book is too old and too full of radical ideals to have been able to stand the test of time without Kings and Popes sticking their grubby paws in to muddle the works.

I don’t believe in organized Religion. I believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ, but I don’t shove my beliefs down other people’s throats. I just believe that what we call religion today has been warped and perverted from what it once was and what it should be.

I don’t believe in Evolution OR Creationism. Actually, I believe in Evolution AND Creationism. It says that God created the heavens and the earth but not HOW. It says there was a Garden of Eden and an Outside of a Garden of Eden. A perfect place to grow dinosaurs and Neanderthal man.
I guess you could call it Createulution (kree-ate-uh-loo-shun).

I don’t believe that anyone has the Right to tell me what I can or cannot do in the privacy of my own home. With one caveat, as long as it does not endanger or infringe on someone else’s rights. For instance, prostitution. The only reason it is illegal is that it was deemed as immoral. You should not be able to legislate morality.

SIDEWAYS: I wonder if you could create a diplomatic immunity shoe. A shoe that has the soil from your native country embedded in the sole, either by a layer injected into a false bottom or by just creating the sole out of the soil of your homeland. That way no matter where you went you were standing on American soil.


  1. i don't believe in tradition when it gets in the way of creativity, of the search to do things better, even perfectly, rather than just well enough.

    i still believe in grassroots politics and, to some extent, smaller elections -- but anything more organized is a sham, it seems. it sucks to come to this realization at the age when i'm supposed to be uber excited about casting my ballot for my country. dang.

    i KNOW the christian bible isn't complete. it's historically impossible for it to be; the temple (yes, an entire temple) that held all of its chapters and works was burnt to the ground hundreds of years ago and little to none of its contents was recovered. and i've always had the impish theory that some "grubby-pawed" higher-ups rewrote the passages that are now wrought with homophobia and sexism while playing footsie with one another under the pews. :z i told you it was blasphemous. :P

    i don't believe in creationism because i've taken enough courses on evolution to understand it scientifically and not from a "but i don't *look* like a monkey!" perspective, but i definitely don't see where the creationism/evolution "debate" arises. why can't god have created the garden of eden and then set evolution into place so zhe could go off and create more planets and systems, huh?! who says the first three pages of genesis weren't tampered with, if you're gonna cite that? (and i don't mean *you*, zombee; you're awesome and i wouldn't start a fight or political/religious debate with you. :P)

    but i, strangely, do believe in destiny. my theory (and the fact that i came up with this while on ecstasy doesn't remove its brilliance, sir! :P) is that life is like a series of tightropes. bear with me hear, this is a two-tiered metaphor. . .

    (and advanced apologies that this comment is longer than your entry itself. o_O i like to read a lot in my comments section and i always assume everyone else is the same. . . lol)

    you start off walking a thin, wiry tightrope. you begin at your birth and at the end lies your destiny. as life goes on, decisions you make may cut the ties of the tightrope and you drop to another level, with a different beginning and a different destiny. you continue your life like this until you reach your final destiny, which really looks like a forward-only maze in two dimensions. . . if that makes any sense.

    oh, and lastly, i believe in having crazy theories. i believe that i can believe them as half-heartedly as i want. ;) hehe

  2. That was one of the best comments EVER!
    Your theory makes perfect sense. 1 minor flaw, if I may. It seems to assume that ones destiny would be at the end of their life. What happens after they have achieved their destiny? Also, and I am not attacking just pointing, this also assumes that time in linear. Meaning if possible one could travel forward and back along their own timeline. I would assume that too many other variables, other timelines would influence any one timeline to make that feasible.
    Then again we could just be a molecule on a piece of cracker under the couch of another universe.


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