Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Do you know what a Myoclonic Jerk is?
No. it is not a rude person who inspects your colon.

This term denotes a common experience with sudden contractions of the body muscles while falling asleep. This mostly causes a feeling of stumbling, falling or similar and subsequently waking up again. Usually, the brain will also incorporate this into a dream or pre-dream to induce the jerk in the body (Anything from stepping off a curb to falling out of a plane)
The exact cause is not known. That is refreshing to know that the brain has been around all this time and we haven’t a clue as to all the inner workings of it. It’s like owning a car for 10 years and still not knowing how to open the trunk.
The most common assumption is that there is some disturbance in the brain's functions in the first stage of sleep. It is rather common, and does not cause serious problems unless it stops you from sleeping. Usually it will just wake you up if anything.

A professor said something to this like:
"...you’re heart rate gets very slow, and your breathing slows down quicker than normal. You brain may interpret this as your body dying, so it sends an electrical pulse to your muscles. Like a jump-start. This is similar to a Night Terror, when you wake up absolutely terrified about something, but have no idea why...."
I do this every single night. Sometimes it will be just a foot that twitches or sometimes (and these are the ones that crack Wildcat up) My body will jerk so hard that I will actually leave the surface of the bed and become airborne. The covers fly away and pillows are scattered.
I don’t even have to exaggerating either, it is that forceful.
It’s as if every single muscle in my body decides it needs to be in another part of the house IMMEDIATELY.
I splay, my friends I splay rather forcefully.

I splay so damn hard that it will cause shortness of breath and tears to form.

In my wife

From laughing.

at me.
( I'll show her! I snore so damn loud I will wake myself up.)

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