Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Am I the only one who sees an economic fix to benefit everyone?
The way I look at it is this. You threw billion and trillions of dollars at all the failing companies to “help stimulate the economy.”
Am I the only person who sees this?
The quickest and easiest way to stimulate a failing economy is getting people spending again.
Who spends the most money in most places?
Middle aged- GENX
We can’t save 2 dimes to rub together. Spend spend spend is what we know.
Saving money just means holding onto it until you make it to the next store over in the mall.
We are the ones sunk and mired in all this Credit card debt and borrowing money just to pay off money we have borrowed.
We suck.
So exploit us!!

So you want to get more jobs into this country?
Give us disposable income.
Do you want to solve the housing market issue?
Give us disposable income.
Do you want new cars and clothes and various other crap we don’t need being purchased so fast you would think the antidote was hidden inside?
Give us disposable income.

Our failing will prove to be the countries greatest triumph!
Ok, OK you’re probably asking yourself
“But where did I leave my cars keys?”
Well those are on the kitchen table behind those napkins, but that’s not relevant.

As I was saying give us disposable income and let us buy back America.
Remember all that money you were throwing around?
Tossing it left and right like it could actually spackle the huge holes that had been eaten away in the economy.
Well take some of that excess dough and pay off everyone’s mortgage.
Simple as that.
Almost instantly, you will see money flowing back into the pockets of the CEO’s and Oil Barons as people reclaim their hard earned money and start throwing it around again with abandon.
Without a mortgage to hold us down people will actually be able to retire, houses will be bought and sold (including new ones), cars will be bought, luxury items will even come back into the mix.
Of course you would need some guidelines like the mortgage has to have been originated before 2009, so people don’t run out and buy a house just to have the government pay it off.
And you would need to put some guidelines in like the household income would need to be under 100k a year combined.

But that’s detail work.
I am a broad stroke Idea man.
Besides, I cant do everything for you.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok. everybody needs to blow off steam every now and again. It's only natural. It' so hard though to find willing victims that will stand there and allow you to pummel the crap outta them till you feel that sense of exhaustion from a good hard workout flooding through your body. Here are some ideas I have used throughout the ages that have helped me.

1. Never liked running but when I was a kid I would have slept on my bike if possible. Get on a bike and just pedal until your legs turn to rubber and your breath burns in your chest. Remember though save a little back for he ride home or have plans to call someone to get you. Burning out the anger and helplessness feels great but walking the bike back home with -10 on the energy scale sucks.

2. Make a dummy. I used up some old clothes and packed them tight with rags (newspaper is like eating rice cakes. Filling but not very satisfying.) . Soon my pummel dummy weighed a good 70 lbs. You might feel a little self-conscious at first but once you can build up a good head of steam you can really go Chuck Norris on this bad boy. You will be pulling ninja like moves you didn't even know you had in you. You might even keep some utensils (bats,knives, porcupines,etc.) around for those days you feel exceptionally violent. Soon you will be wondering who doing all the screaming and realize it's coming outta you.

3. Make a break corner: Maybe a small niche with no carpet or if you have the space a whole room would be wonderful. Go to some yard/garage sales and pick up some cheap glass and porcelain objects and a couple of cheap bats. Use said bats to smash the shit outta the cheap garage sale items. I recommend wearing goggles for this s they may not be fashionable but most people cant pull of the 1 eyed pirate look either. I personally have a old toilet held back for an exceptionally bad day. Once again, you might feel silly at first but once that primitive veil drops across your thinking brain you will end up going balls to the walls on that shit.

4. Shooting the crap outta shit. This takes some restraint once you have a loaded weapon in your hands so if the thing that is causing you stress is near I would go with a BB gun and pressurized cans. Buy some cheap soda and shake it up and then just shoot it with a pellet gun.If you have the means a watermelon and a shotgun makes a beautiful combination (it's almost art.) Myself I don't like killing anything unless it is in defense of my house (I will leave a spider alone outside but I will smash the crap outta it in my house) but if you don't have those issues then take a .22 and go to the junk yard at dusk and shoot some rats.

5. Throw a shit fit: Again, could take some "getting into the moment" but once you are in just let it all out. Throw the biggest hissy fit you can muster. Think back to all the kids you have seen at the market who haven't got their way. Throw yourself at the ground and scream,cry,cuss,babble,thrash about and just generally death blossom*.

Anyway hope some of this helps you as much as its has helped me.

PS: I also just wanted to say I read EVERY comment that is made on here and appreciate an value each and every one of you. When you comment I get it on my phone and no matter where I am or doing it always brings a smile to my face. Thank you.

*Movie from the 80's called 'The Last StarFighter" It was the name of their ships last resort weaponry. Basically it made the ship spin on both the vertical and horizontal axis and just randomly shot all weaponry out with no specific target.

Friday, June 26, 2009

quick drop

Funny Head Squeezos for Ketchup and Mustard Condiments

Food toys have always aimed at the grown- up kids masses out there and rather than just for kids, as the name suggests, and with the latest addition to their already long list of cool-to-play-with products, this group is sure to fascinate a huge crowd of adults hitting their website to buy them. funny head squeezos 11 Funny Head Squeezos for Ketchup and Mustard Condiments

Welcome two cool new friends to your club; Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin. Their mission: to make your sandwich binging and burger munching more fun. Beginning with Ketchup Charlie; this head squeezo replaces your oh-so-boring ketchup top. When squeezed, you’ll find ketchup running out of Charlie’s nose. This will surely make you marvel at how impish your inner child is!funny head squeezos 21 Funny Head Squeezos for Ketchup and Mustard Condiments

Mustard Marvin replaces the cap of your regular mustard sauce bottle. When the bottle is squeezed, “YUCK!!!” is the first word exclaimed, because the mustard flowing out of Marvin’s mouth resembles someone puking right onto your savory dish. And imagine yourself eating such a thing!

Both the squeezos are made from hard plastic, with the size of a regular bottle cap, with Charlie scaling 2.25”x1.75” and Marvin at about 2”x1.25”. Both are available inexpensively at $3.99 for either the Ketchup Squeezie or the Mustard Squeezie.

You can see a video of each right below.

This is a post from Walyou, who bring you the best New Gadgets gadgets, Cool Gadgets and Hi Tech News.

Funny Head Squeezos for Ketchup and Mustard Condiments

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Odds and Ends

Yeah. I suck.
Ok I am planning to take better pictures tonight but I just wanted to put these up here to stand as proof that I do indeed suck at taking a picture. Granted it was 6 in the AM, right before trundling off to work and using a camera phone on a dog who did not want to be where he was at that moment.
but still….
It was 3 long minutes with many variations of

Dog now believes his name is Dammitt.
Yeah I do weddings too.

Like almost everyone else in the world, I have always wanted to write a book. I have had a really superb story in my head for the past 20 years or so.
Basically, 2 warring alien races overtake the earth and manipulate the humans for their own battling armies
The only problem is (and it is truly a big one) I cannot tell a story. I am not a storyteller. Just don’t have that talent.
I try to tell a joke and it ends up sounding as if I am reciting a recipe.
I watch these spectacular movies in my head of my book. The dialogue is flowing; the characters are deep and fleshed out.
When I go to write down what I just saw it comes out looking like an accountant with OCD wrote his shopping list.

I haven’t given up though.
I will get this out of my head.

Oh speaking of reading...
Have you read or listened to “The story of Edgar Sawtelle”?
If not, I fully recommend it.

I am also reading,
I guess you would call it the memoirs, of Steve King. It's called “Stephen King on writing. I have always loved “behind the scene” stuff. I won’t even buy a DVD unless it has extras or at least a good commentary.
In addition, I am also reading his latest compilation of short stories.
So far, the former is way more interesting then the latter.

I will be back later.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AYE! Chi-Wa-Wa

Well Looks like we have a new addition to our family.
There is a lady who my mom works with that has to get rid of her 2-year-old male Chihuahua.
He is house broken (very cool) and he is a thoroughbred but no papers.

In the past we have had 2 other dogs:
Our first as a couple was Paco. Wildcat picked him out as a pup and he grew to be my dog. I loved that mutt. His mom was a chow/retriever mix and his dad was German Sheppard. He had the long body of a Sheppard and the big bold chest of the Chow. He was as playful as a puppy and as stern as a nun. No one came into his yard that he did not know. Period. I was always finding various animals stiff and dead laying about the yard. Not chewed up dead just dead-dead. Like a soldier protecting his post he would kill the intruder and then leave the body alone. He died in 99 at the age of 8 and I still miss the big ox.
Then there was Sweedy and she is a Silky.
I was driving home from work one day and noticed all these cars swerving around the road. When I got up closer there was this little dirty grey dog just prancing down the middle of the road.
I stopped the car in the road and opened the door and she just bounced right on in.
Sweedy is a cute dog. Playful, smart and loved everyone.
However there were 2 issues.
One she couldn’t stop pooping in the house. No matter how many times we took her outside we would still end up with a steamy gift sometime during the day. She is smart but that is just something that she couldn’t or wouldn’t master.
Second was my son Beasty. He has a fear of dogs. He was bit in the face when he was too by a Bassett Hound and he is leery of all dogs now. He doesn’t want to be. He wants to be down there playing with them but he is afraid of a jumpy active dog. Sweedy sensed this and would bully him and since she would bully him he would torture her.
Nothing painful but it would not be unheard of to go in his room to find this little dog stuck up on the top bunk of the bunk bed looking at you like “Get me the hell down!” or hear a scratching from the linen closet and open it up to have grey dart streak out. She would nip and bark and snap at only Beasty and would also go into his room and chew on any toys she could get her hands on.
So we gave Sweedy to my mom a couple of years ago. She had been looking for a pet for her dog and they all make a great pack together anyway.
So now we have Jasper.
Wildcat is not a big fan of animals but she likes Chihuahuas
And last night was his 1st night.
And I am freakin tired.
And I cant wait till we get all our signals worked out so we both know what the other is wanting.
I just now figured out what “I gotta piss” looks like. Too bad I didn’t figure it out 13 hours ago when he was telling me.
I know who is going to end up being the poop, pee, feed, walk and play pal of this 6 pound rat.

I will toss some pics of this lil eating machine here later.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Have you ever thought that some where along your lives path you pissed off the wrong gypsy?
(Not to say that there is a way to piss off the right gypsy.)

I am usually a rather stoic and taciturn guy but let me whine for a bit here.
In just under 9 years I have
* Lost my dog in 00 (Paco was a good dog. My first dog as a “grownup”)
* Lost my dad in 03
* Lost my uncle in 04 (My dads older brother)
* Lost my aunt in 05 (My moms older sister)
* Lost my nephew in 09
* My father in law is currently in the hospital after his 2nd heart attack.
* My wife is under going radiation treatment for breast cancer.
* I worked 3 years at a hell job from 01-04. The kind where if you see your old boss on the street you just want to start flinging feces at them and scream obscenities)*
* I was laid off from 3 jobs.
* I declared bankruptcy and uprooted everyone so I could take an excellent position in Atlanta as a software tester only to have that company dry up in the dotcom bubble burst. So basically, I lost everything for a 9-month job.
* I was fired for the first time in my life (it was under false pretense, but that is something I am still working on “letting go.” Still, my old manager lives in my town and I am not wholly convinced I will not throw my feces at him next time I see him.)
* I have a bad back that I injured in 98 (requiring back surgery) and reinjured at my hell job. That “seemed” to get better until a year ago I had a massive muscle spasm, which moved the scar tissue from my surgery so it is pressing on my sciatic nerve. On a good day, I barely limp but still have no feeling on the side of my right leg down to my foot. On a bad day, I am just this side of lame.
* I am worried about my son Beasty as he literally has no friends. He is a good kid with a big heart and no one will play with him. That breaks my heart.

Oh, that’s not everything, that just the heavy hitters.
This does not take into account all the daily creepy crawlies that take bits and chunks outta you through out your days.
Little annoying paper cut nibbles here and big slobbering bite sized chunks there.
I am a regular smorgasbord of bad karma.
I know, you are thinking “Oh you are just focusing on the negatives. What about the positives.” (Well thinking either that or “wow this underwear really rides high! I think the tag is scratching the back of my throat.”)

See, that’s just it. There really hasn’t been any good.
I probably wouldn’t even dwell on the negatives if I had some positives to counter balance them.
I can deal with Tit for Tat.

I am also quite aware that there is always someone who is worse off then you. I feel for them, I really do. That is why I do not normally complain about my predicaments. I know it can always get worse and it usually does.

Ok I am done.
At least I am alive to lament my woes.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled sarcasm.

*I hated this job so much that I had my wisdom teeth removed just to validate not having to go to work for a day. In 03, my father passed away on a Wednesday and I got 2 days of mourning pay. Therefore, I was at work on Thursday so I could be off Friday. I think I have mentioned all this before. The job market was in a big ol slump so just having a job was a plus.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WTF...? Photo Caption Game

WTF...? Photo Caption Game

Yay. I'm a weiner.

Dating a librarian?

New Book Smell in a Can

Do you love your Kindle, but feel like it’s lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? Spray it with "New Book Smell" and get that satisfaction you’ve been missing.

Smell of Books comes in four additional aromas: Classic Musty, Crunchy Bacon, Eau You Have Cats, and Scents of Sensibility, for Jane Austen fans.

“Now you can finally enjoy reading e-books without giving up the smell you love so much. With Smell of Books you can have the best of both worlds, the convenience of an e-book and the smell of your favorite paper book.”

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

At 1am, I sat up in bed wide-awake.
Not unusual thing for me to do but doesn’t change the fact that it sucks.
I dont mean the bleary eyed "wuzz that?" kind of wake up either.
I mean the full fledged I am up and the day is starting kind of wake up.
yeah.... That sucks.

I went outside and sat on the front porch to have a smoke.
The immediate world that is my neighborhood was wet and dripping from a passing storm.
Off to the east was the strorm trundling on it's way
Looked like I had just missed it by about 45 minutes.
Cloud to cloud flashes brilliant as a nearby camera flash and
duller flashes light like a light bulb popping just as you turn on the light in a dark room.
There were the always popular jagged, forked bolts of lighting dancing to and fro.
Not a sound of thunder to be had just the quiet flashes as the storm rolled toward it's next destination.

The night was warm and humid except for the gentle breezes that seemed to be for the trees alone.
Their branches swaying and rustling in the unseen wind.

Even the fireflies seemed to be enjoying the storm as they returned each lightning flash with their own, as if to say "me too."

I sat there thinking “there is meaning in this.”
I was sure there was a meaningful insight to be had.
Try as I might I couldn’t find it.

It seemed to boil down to the straight forward of moments.

“Awake at 1am to have a smoke on the porch after a storm.”
No insight, No inspiration, no revelations
Nothing profound
I finished my cigarette and went back to bed, none the wiser.

However, I did wake up Wildcat at 1:30 to have sex.
Dont see how a day could start off any better then that. :)


Leonardo da Vinci’s Nude Mona Lisa

Did Leonardo da Vinci paint a nude version of the Mona Lisa? Maybe so, according to a newly revealed painting, hidden for a century within the walls of a private library:

The lady in the portrait does not exactly resemble the original Mona Lisa, but there is little doubt it has parallels with the painting hanging at the Louvre museum in Paris.

"The frontal look, the position of the hands, the spatial conception of the landscape, with columns at the sides, show a clear link with the Mona Lisa’s iconographic theme," Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the museum, told Discovery News.


Saturday, June 13, 2009



W. Neil Berrett quit his job by presenting his boss with a resignation letter on a sheet cake.
"Cake of Resignation"

This Star Trek bridge cake was made by Duff Goldman, owner of a bakery in Baltimore that was featured on The Food Network's reality show "The Ace of Cakes." Fire carbohydrate torpedoes! Link (via Neatorama!)

The "tiers" (the base and the middle) are foam board wrapped in fondant, and were planned to be that way from the get-go to support the weight of the cake. The cake itself contains 5 chopsticks: two to support the second tier (holding the upper body) and one each for the core of the three arms. The lower half of the body is white cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and wrapped in coffee fondant. The copper balls are all fondant, and the piping is just royal icing. The upper half of the body is sculpted from Rice Krispie Treat that was then covered with fondtant and piped with details. The little armor plates and the accessories on the arms are made of sugar candy (gumpaste). The whole thing weighed about 10 pounds. Dassit.Cakey bits

Oh come on! You KNEW there had to be at least 1 zombie one in here!

This fantastic courthouse-scene-from-Back -to-the-Future cake was Flickr user Snot Boogie's wedding cake: "The cake was the clock tower and was red velvet. It was done by Caryn's Cakes in Atlanta."Wedding Cake

Jason sez, "I took this photo of the groom's cake from my sister's wedding this past weekend. As you can see, the cake is adorned with giant, edible polyhedral dice. (I'm not sure what they are made out of, but the cake itself was chocolate and delicious.)"d20 groom's cake
( Roll a 12 or greater on a d20 to save vs. Mother-in-law)

JD sez, "In the grand tradition of amazing edible sculpture comes this nerdy piece of jaw-dropping confectionery. It's holding a d20, and sitting on a white chocolate hoard. There's a lot of really amazing detail in this thing. Seriously. A dragon made of cake." Dragon cake

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lighten up

The Three Stages Of A Man's Life






Thursday, June 11, 2009

FYI: I am me.

I am considering eliminating some of the mystery involved on who this Zombee guy is.
I am thinking that on 07/28 I will post up my true face as my icon.
Dont know how I feel about that.

I like that I have received in so many great readers in the short time I have been blogging by just my words alone.
Ya 'all are cool.

On the other hand why hide? I haven't said anything on here that I would say standing on a street corner, dressed like lil bo peep and fist raised to the sky. (not saying I HAVE done that! I'm just saying ... Ok.. I have done that..)

hmmm well what do you think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Time to pour some gourd water out.

Ok here is a query or ponder some idea that has been bothering me for some time.

Heaven - Everyone knows that heaven is to be a wonderful beautiful place, right. Full of beauty and there is no sorrow, no weeping, no sadness, no pain just joy and love, love, love with a side dish of happy.
where everyone spends the rest of eternity* serving God.

Hell - The common picture is fire, brimstone and the lake of fire (did I mention fire) there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.
There we will have eternal pain and eternal sadness knowing we are out of the favor of God.

You with me so far?

Query: How is someone supposed to be full of joy and happiness in Heaven when someone they love is in Hell? This time I mean literally not just metaphorically.

According to the bible you can actually see Hell from Heaven and visa-versa which only adds to the pain a person must feel knowing that someone they love is damned for all eternity (and surrounded by clowns or worse yet politicians.)
If we are not "ourselves" up in heaven, then what is the point of Jesus telling people you will see me again in heaven or you will be in my father’s house and stuff like that. That seems to note that a person will retain some sort of self awareness once they hit the pearly gates.
If we do retain some of our earthly awareness then that would mean a father would be stuck in heaven watching his adult child burning in a lake of fire (assuming of course that this child is not a mass murderer, pedophile or something else as evil, like a clown.). The father raised the child the best he could and the child wasn’t a bad person, in fact was quite a good person. They just happen to pass on/away before they could be baptized into God's house.
I don’t want to pull anyone away from their beliefs and love of the Lord; I just want to get some of these ideas out of my head to make room for others. If anything I hope someone reads this, does their own research into the subject and in doing so pulls themselves closer to God then ever before. I am not a religious nutball by any sense of the term ( for any of you new comers) I just do not take anything at face value. I dont even trust myself to tell me the whole truth.

What is the benefit of not believing in God?
I did a chart weighing the pros and cons displaying the benefits of being an atheist and a believer.
The better odds falls in the believers favor.

So, what do you lose by believing in God compared to what you could lose. Everybody dies so wouldn’t you want to, at the very least, hedge your bets while there was a chance rather then just hope your right?

Is there some kind of a gain as an atheist? Something other then the smug satisfaction one gets with the knowing that when they die they just wink out of existence?

I apologize if I am rehashing old hash that has been hashed to death....Hash.
When Death does a flyby and snatches a loved one the whore mortality sitcom starts to play in my head. Oh and Hash.

* Definition of eternity: Picture a gigantic mountainous ball of gold. Hugely huge. Cant even see the top.
Every 100 years a dove flies by it and just ever so gently grazes this gold ball with just the tips of it's wing.
by the time the ball has been eroded away by this bird, THAT will be just the beginning of eternity.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Blatherings and rambles

I was a thinking again last night.
Scary really. Why can’t I just let my brain me absorbed into the boob tube like everyone else. However, Noooo my brain has to start running on all pistons as my body is winding down. SYNCH IT UP you bastards!!


I have never been much for hypochondria, rather stoic actually. I have however done some reflecting on my mental behaviors and have come to some …conclusions.

1. I have a touch of OCD. For instance: when I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I notice that my fingers start to draw various patterns on the headboard (of their own accord). I used to be a neat freak. Everything has a place and needs to be there. Getting married to a wife that definitely does not believe that and then having kids has broken that. Still I cannot clean up a room without getting pissed off because “stuff is outta place.”

2. I have a bit of the HDAD. When I was younger, it was VERY noticeable but thanks to the wonders of nicotine, I was finally able to get it under control. In High School a friend of mine and I used to have conversations that bounced from topic to topic with alarming speed. We could cover everything from the theory of wormholes to the better Jell-O flavor and everything in between in a span of 30 minutes. He has since been diagnosed with ADD.
My son suffers from it and my daughter shows signs of it as well. I think this is also linked to my insomnia but not 100% sure. That could be just another ingredient in my mushy make-up.

I am rather hard on myself. I always have been you know. When I was in management, I would frequently say that I expect perfection out of no one but myself. (Management. That’s one place I would rather never have to go into again. I was good at it but hated it.)
Moving around as much as I did as a kid, you would think that this would have made me an outgoing gregarious kind of person. Knowing me now, you wouldn’t believe that I grew up painfully shy. I still have a rather large shy streak in me. I can’t walk up to a person, in ANY setting, and just strike up a conversation. I even have problems with calling people (business’s, people I don’t know, etc.) unless I can have all the facts I need straight and on hand.
Huh, just thought of something. I do not care what other people think of me or even if they do think of me. In fact, it usually comes as a surprise to me when I hear that someone has been talking about me to someone else. Just never occurs to me that someone would. However I don’t like looking stupid on accident. I can act the fool with no remorse. I have embraced my oddness and relish the freedom it has given me. I just don’t like giving the impression that I am stupid or ill-informed.

MAN! Life is hard! I can see the big 4-0 from here, it's leering at me from the big picture window. Still waiting for the part where you get to coast a bit, even for a couple of months would suffice.
So complex and confusing and depressing.
Alas it does beat the hell out of the alternative.
That’s a one way trip that I am not looking forward to.
Sometimes when it gets me down I have to remind myself that, at that time, I will be dead and really wont care about much anymore.
At least I hope so.
That would suck.

Look at me, getting a moody and rambling on.
(shake it off, shake itoff)

I think tomorrow after work I will take my mom to go see the new Trek flick. Looks awesome.

Just remember kiddies,
No matter where you go, there you are.—B.Banzai

Boobs and Ears

I was thinking last night about ears and breasts.
(no. that doesn't sound strange at all.)

You know of course that the only reason breasts are taboo is because men don’t have them (well pretty ones like those that women do).
Simple as that.

Decades of “don’t look don’t touch” has ingrained into society that these must be hidden and therefore treated as the holy grail for any male-female relationship. Yes, the old adage is true. You seen one set of breasts you still want to see the next pair.
So in that vein if, by some freak of nature, men did not have let’s say protruding ears. That means women would be covering their ears all the time. Then there would be wearing low-cut earmuffs, buying sexy ear lingerie, not letting men touch their lobes on the first date, getting silicon implants to make their ears more firm and rounder. Why, even a woman with ears that stuck way out would be judged by her ears rather then her mind.

Then again, we wouldn’t have to hear the phrase “My eyes are up here.”

I wonder if you had a newborn child and raised them in a household where everyone was naked in the house except for covering their ears and they were discreetly taught that ears are the “naughty bits.” What would that do to the child once set free upon the world? Walking around marveling at all these floozies walking around with jangly bits hanging off their lobes. That would be down right sinful. Harlots with their ears pierced and hanging out there for all of God and man to see. Have they no shame?

Boy, my kids are lucky I did think of this 10 years ago.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Start me up.

OK well,
be it good or bad I am back in the saddle.

Man last week was harsh. Today I woke up feeling like I was recovering from the freakin flu. (Not to be confused with the swine flu, this is just for us freaks.)

I feel all drained, not a good drained either.
All tired and shagged out after a prolonged squawk.*

It was hard last week burying my nephew. It was a great turnout though. He touched a lot of lives. The downside was that his father (my sisters EX) took control over the proceedings and by the way it went you would have thought my nephew had no mother. He twisted it so it seemed that the ZomBee side of the family did not even exist.

It was wrong on so many levels. Grr-Argh

Then my niece spent the night Saturday night and went on a crying jag till 4 in the morning. That combined with a unpredictable internet connection at home…
ah stress.
The breakfast of chump/peons.

But that’s all over (well as much as it can be of course.)
Now it’s Monday (AGAIN?!).
Fucking yay!
I am sure I will have more irrelevant diatribe and odd recollections as time progresses
but this is just me checking in to say “hey.”


BTW: Wanted to extend a thank you to all for their thoughts and concerns.
It helps. Thanks for checking in on me Danimo

*if you got this reference, then yes, I do indeed love you. Well, maybe not LOVE-love you but a nod and a wink are just the same to a blind bat. Know what I mean? nudge-nudge wink-wink say no MORE.