Thursday, October 30, 2014

1 thing

My dad passed away some 7 or 8 years ago. I do miss him very much.
I was thinking the other day, with everything a good dad does to raise his child right it is so very rare for that child to get a chance to do anything back for their dad.
When my dad went into the hosptal for some simple exploratory in and out work, he coded on the table.
They go him back but they didnt expect him to last the night.
I can still recall the attending physicians coming by every couple of hours saying "it wont be soon now"
My dad showed them. He got better.
He ended up in a semi-private room bu he was in bad shape.
days go by.
My mom informs me that he is coming in each day to my father in deplorable situations.
Sitting in his feces for hours, til it is cold and hard.
Rings for the nurse going unheeded or very slow to return for something as simple as a drink of water.
Just a air of not caring.
As soon as I heard this I decided That is MY dad and that is not happening.

I found out the board of directors names and went straight for the CEO.
I had no way of contacting him directly so I wrote a letter.
I explained to him what was happening and that my mother was doing the work of 2 nurses.
I wasnt mean about it or belligerent but I pointed out how I expected my father to be taken care of. That a loved one in such a position we rely on the hospital to care for our loved ones. I dont recall the entirety of the message but it was quite good, if I do say so myself.
I dont know what I was expecting but I couldnt do nothing.
A couple of days later my mother calls me that my dad has been moved to a private suite at no cost. both she and I received a letter and a call from him expressing his sincere regret to the conditions and how he agreed with me 100% about the care. He did a couple of other things but I cant recall them.It was cool of him.
When I went to visit my dad in his new room he managed to tell me thank you, that the improvements were all thanks to me.
It was nothing, it was the least I could do for the man who made me who I am.
I wish I could have done more but at least I got that 1 thing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Bullied Bully

I have two views on this.

I think it is supremly great that one human stood up for a second human and said
"no. this is not going to happen."
That makes me feel that we are not just one giant cesspool of "all for me" parasites.
This makes me feel better about humanity as a whole.


I do think she went too far.
The crazy asian lady was being intimidating but hadnt touched anyone (that I could see)
Did she deserve having her ass kicked? sure. Maybe she will think twice,
Did she learn her lesson after the first kicking of the ass? no she came back

.....Ok I have just one view on this.
Some people have to have the lesson beat into them.

You go She-Hulk on the LA subway train  thingy.
 You are my hero.