Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Bullied Bully

I have two views on this.

I think it is supremly great that one human stood up for a second human and said
"no. this is not going to happen."
That makes me feel that we are not just one giant cesspool of "all for me" parasites.
This makes me feel better about humanity as a whole.


I do think she went too far.
The crazy asian lady was being intimidating but hadnt touched anyone (that I could see)
Did she deserve having her ass kicked? sure. Maybe she will think twice,
Did she learn her lesson after the first kicking of the ass? no she came back

.....Ok I have just one view on this.
Some people have to have the lesson beat into them.

You go She-Hulk on the LA subway train  thingy.
 You are my hero.

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