Thursday, January 31, 2013

special hell

Police in New Mexico found an 8-year-old girl locked in a cage in a darkened mobile home, authorities said on Tuesday, adding that they charged the girl's adoptive mother, who had gone to the movies, with child abuse.

When I die and I know one day I will.
And I end up at my final judgment and the Big Guy says “sorry pal, you just are not heaven material”
I do hope I can get some sort of hellish swing shift
Where I spend the beginning of my day enduring my hellish torment
With all its weeping and teeth gnashing, then afterwards I will go to my night job as the guy who gets to inflict the torment on people like these class acts.

I will need a speculum, a ball peen hammer and a crate of pineapples to start with.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maybe yes, maybe no

Last night I was laying in my daughters bed trying to go to sleep ( she gets to sleep with mom when sick or hurting, it’s a comfort thing.)
I was just laying having just squished down under the covers with just my nose and above poking out.
Suddenly there was this thwip sound that immediately reminded me of someone shooting a straw wrapper and something touched my forehead.
It was a swipe going from right temple to left ear and it felt like a bird feather. Not like the fluffy down but the stiff bristle feeling
It felt like someone had taken a swipe at me with a bird feather.
I lay there for a bit staring at the wall trying to figure out what just happened.
I rolled over saying “what the hell WAS THAT!” and of course I am alone but there is a light coming from the floor.
I get up and flick on the overhead and laying there about 1 foot from the nightstand where it had started from was my daughter’s ipod
and the screen was on like someone had just touched it.

Not saying what this all means because I just don’t know.
Similar stuff like this has happened before in this house.

And today I can still feel the path drawn across my head last night.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting existential

I may have mentioned this before but have you ever stopped to think of the big issues?
Not just what is happening within your own little life pattern but the really big picture?
For instance: Time.
It dawned on me today that there is really no such thing as time. This is just a concept we invented for our little ball of mud.
Time is just a concept we invented so we could all be at the same place at the same moment.
Time is just something we invented so we could know how hot an item was and when it would be cool enough to eat.
Time is not real.
Things just “are”.
It takes 365 days for our ball of mud to orbit around the big white star in the center of our galaxy.
That’s not time that just is a fact
Yet we use this orbiting pattern to mark what we do and how we do it.
But that isnt enough so we broke it down further
The planet is spinning and spinning as it rotates around this furnace and there are times when we can see the star and not see the star.
That’s not time that just is a fact
Then we decided that wasn’t enough so we went further and noted that when the big burning star is moving across the sky it takes a certain amount of time for it to go from point a to point b and point c
That’s not time that just is a fact
And it still wasn’t enough so we broke it down even further.
And further.
Now everything we do is marked by time.
Now the concept we have invented has over taken its creators and now controls their lives and actions.
The monster has left the laboratory and is now governing over the entire serfdom.

As I have told my offspring
NEVER, ever wish for time to hurry up. Never wish for time to speed up. Whenever you abuse the time you have like that it starts firing on all cylinders and never slows down again. Whatever you want to happen will happen when it happens. Enjoy what you have when you have it but never wish time away because there is no way of ever getting it back.

Ok done rambling for now. Gotta go back to my frettin.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Some logic is escaping me here.
If you were eating a burger and it was just horrible. I mean the meat was rotten, the tomato was hard as a rock and the bun dripping with mold. Would you continue eating it and just continue to exclaim how bad it was?
If you are watching a movie and the acting makes a porn flick look Oscar worthy. The plot so thin that the end is known before the title credits complete. Do you stop watching it or do you continue to sit there and just complain, basically to yourself, how horrible the movie is?
Then why are all these people walking around saying things like “Fuck America” and then detail how bad the United States is?
Nothing is perfect and sure, there is room for improvement but come on if you are that dissatisfied why stay?
There are a lot of countries out there just pick on and try it.
I would have a lot more respect for someone who did that then someone who just sits around bitching.
I would have a lot more respect for someone who actively tried to change whatever part of the system they found repulsive then someone who just sits around bitching. Sure that would be a waste of time there but it would be something more then wasting my valuable time having to listen to your meaningless brain drool.

Either do something about it or shut up