Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ghost Theories

I have a 30 minute commute each way each day. These are the kind of things that roll through my brain.
       I have a theory that I have been pondering for some time that I would like learned input on. It's been postulated that "ghosts" are known for regularly sucking the juice out of batteries from devices (i.e. cameras, recorders, etc.) and that this is a common occurrence. It has been noted before that such a power drain is common before an "experience" as if the presence were siphoning off the energy for its own use.
       With that in mind couldn’t a device be created that could oscillate through the common ranges of human bio-energy signatures and provide extra energy to an area to help force a stronger, if not physical, manifestation?
        I am thinking about 4 to 6 electrified steel rods as a device used to pump energy into an area, say a average 4'x6' room, which would match the general harmonic energies given off by the human body.
       In essence, this would be akin to force feeding a presence the energy that it would normally leech off. Where the end outcome would hopefully be a more substantial and significant encounter.
       I am sure such a device would be rather simplistic in nature to create but would it be a practical device to use within a known haunting or within an investigation? Would this be a device worth the time, effort and cost to design and create or am I off on the practice behind the theory?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

theres a tear in my beer

Let me hear your Body Talk

Watched an interesting snippet as to why we cry

In this episode of SciShow, Hank Green explains our tears.
Here is the link in a nutshell
Basically there are 3 kinds of tears.
One is always there to keep your eyeballs moist, one is to flush out irritants and the 3rd is emotional.
Now here is the cool part.
The first to are mostly plain water but the third is chock full of all kinds of proteins and hormones.
When you are sad you brain tells the body “hey I’m feeling sad”
This causes all kinds of stress and your body, doing as it is supposed to do, starts generating all these stress hormones and junk (junk is indeed the scientific term)
Then the body uses the tears to help flush these excess stress chemicals out of the body.
Cool, right but that’s not all
Being that we are social animals they also have the secondary purpose of nonverbal communication.
Meaning that tears flow and this singles other humans that you are in distress.
This is supposed to garner well wishes and comforting from your social network. Social network just means other humans and not Facebook.
Also there is no crying in baseball.

It truly is quite an amazing machine that we drive around in each day.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Better living through chemistry

Once when I was a younger lad and was working in retail I was super tired. I mean dog ass tired. I also was on a 12 day with no break ass busting schedule at work.
So, being super intelligent I decided that I needed a spark
I ate 2 Vivarin to give me said spark and headed to work
If you do not know what a Vivarin is it is a caffeine pill that is 200mg of caffeine or equal to 2 cups of coffee.
On the way to work I was still feeling tired so I took 2 more
Then half way there I took 2 more
Then once I arrived I took 2 more
Then just as I started my shift I, yup you guessed it, I took 2 more
So now I have 2000mg of caffeine surging through my system
2000 milligrams equals 2 grams
Luckily its takes on an average 100 grams to kill a man so I was safe there
But I felt awful
I was nauseous and I was in the physical state where it doesn’t matter what you do, you feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t sit, stand lay down or hop about on one foot
It all felt bad.
I went home after about 4 hours as I was not getting any better.
Finally after about 16 hours I started to unwind.
Did I learn my lesson?
Obviously not.
Back in 2000 I was working in Kansas City and was having back pain
To alleviate said pain I was taking a Tylenol and ibuprofen mix every morning
Started out with just 2 Tylenol and 2 ibuprofen every morning and it steadily grew
By the end of 3 weeks I was taking 10 Tylenol and 10 ibuprofen every morning
I should have died from a toxic overdose
What I ended up doing was killing off all the beneficial bacteria in my gut.
I made myself lactose intolerant.
I finally realized what I was doing and cut it out and so far my liver is fine and I can enjoy drinking milk again
Ice Cream still affects me in a disastrous way, which is a high penalty for my stupidity.

Moral of the story is
Pay attention to what you ingest.