Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ghost Theories

I have a 30 minute commute each way each day. These are the kind of things that roll through my brain.
       I have a theory that I have been pondering for some time that I would like learned input on. It's been postulated that "ghosts" are known for regularly sucking the juice out of batteries from devices (i.e. cameras, recorders, etc.) and that this is a common occurrence. It has been noted before that such a power drain is common before an "experience" as if the presence were siphoning off the energy for its own use.
       With that in mind couldn’t a device be created that could oscillate through the common ranges of human bio-energy signatures and provide extra energy to an area to help force a stronger, if not physical, manifestation?
        I am thinking about 4 to 6 electrified steel rods as a device used to pump energy into an area, say a average 4'x6' room, which would match the general harmonic energies given off by the human body.
       In essence, this would be akin to force feeding a presence the energy that it would normally leech off. Where the end outcome would hopefully be a more substantial and significant encounter.
       I am sure such a device would be rather simplistic in nature to create but would it be a practical device to use within a known haunting or within an investigation? Would this be a device worth the time, effort and cost to design and create or am I off on the practice behind the theory?

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