Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hitting the hot spots

The flag is the flag. People have bled, fought and died for it. The colors do not run and, unless the country falls and is taken over by another country, it does not change.

The confederate flag is a piece of our history. It needs to be flown as a remembrance of who we are and what we have gone through to get where we are.

Vaccinate your kids. If not for their sake then for the kids they come in contact with. If you don't want to then please move to the Appalachians and live with the hillbilly's.

Racism is wrong in every form

Discrimination is wrong in every form. You cannot deny someone just because you don't like what they like.

The President is the President. They all have sucked from George Washington on down but that's what we signed on for when we ditched Britain. The next one will not be any better. You may not like the man but respect the office.

No one in politics should be able to continue to hold their office longer than 10 years. That part of our system is broken and needs to be fixed immediately but who is going to vote their job away.

Corporations exist to make money. They will care about every aspect of their bottom line before they care about you. That's commerce. That's the way it works. Get over it.

If you are in a country illegally you have absolutely no claim to any benefits of that country. If you do not like it then leave said country.

Dont hurt your kids. Love your family and be excellent to one another.
OK I think that covers everything.
Did I miss something?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the end is nigh

I used to think that the world wasn't spiraling down the drain. That the reason we heard about so much crazy going on was just because, due to the internet and modern tech, we had more access to more information. That the world had just grown smaller because we knew everything about every little corner and knew it instantly.
I was wrong.
The world is spiraling down the drain. Morals are a rare commodity and common sense isn't so common. They say that, as a whole, the human race is smarter now than it has ever been but on any given day we fail to prove the fact.
We need a reset. An apocalypse that thins the herd and sets us back a decade or two because without it we are running downhill face first into an armageddon of our own design.
I'm not trying to be a bleak Bennie here, I am just scared to death of what is around the corner.
Something has to change.