Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday

How do I hate thee?
Let me count the ways.
    Thanksgiving is by and large a 4 days holiday for a lot of people, because there are a lot of people off on the day after thanksgiving stores started having big Christmas sales on that day to entice people to come shop with them. Because people would come shop with them they started having competition as other stores jumped on the bandwagon Then it just kept escalating until it was a national event BLACK FRIDAY
     Now every year a bunch of idiots bundle up and go stand in-line for really cheap prices of crap they don’t need.

Only those of us who have worked retail know what a horrible day this day is.

    When I worked retail I had to go to bed really early on thanksgiving just so I could get up to be at the store at 4 in the morning for the doors to open at 6. You can tell it’s been a while since stores nowadays open at midnight or stay open 24 hours or even now open on Thanksgiving.
Is it just me or are the sales just not as awesome as they once were either.
 Which I think that this is just because the Black Friday thing isn’t so odd anymore, so the sales are not as drastic. It’s become really mainstream.
   My 2nd year out of retail I decided to go shopping the day after Christmas and see what the big deal is. Wow. Will never do that again. People are rude and morals are left at the door just to get an extra 50 bucks off a TV. Humanity is sold at the price of the newest gizmo and widget. Sadly none of this will ever change. We will never get together as a people and boycott Black Friday because we can never get together as a people. Someone will always ruin it for the others.

I say damn the brick and mortar stores.
 Wait a week order it online and in the meantime eat more pie. But that’s just me

Friday, November 8, 2013

Imagine this Part IV

Flat on your back and drenched to the bone, you slowly come to.
You know you have just been hit by lightning as you ache all over and your teeth itch.
The overall stench of a wet and burnt dog is also a dead giveaway.
Not sure where your friend is to have missed the show but you slowly start collecting up all the dropped comic books. I would guess you are in a bit of shock to be doing this instead of calling an ambulance or something.
As you are picking up the mess you start noticing something.
All the book pages are blank.

There is a ending to this story/idea
Let me know if you want to hear it

Friday, November 1, 2013

Imagine this Part III

Remember our chunk of planet?
Well it has entered into our solar system and finally made its way to the gravitational pull of the 3rd planet from the sun.
It’s a lovely shade of green and black with swirls and glittering of other colors that we do not even have names for.
It’s about the size of a softball as it screams through the rain streaked sky.
Suddenly the rainclouds produce a huge bolt of lightning and the bolt passes straight through our meteor reducing it to ashes and dust.
However it doesn’t even slow down the lightning.