Friday, August 12, 2016

I do hate the paparazzi

  I was wandering around youtube last night and ran across these videos called "celebrities getting angry with paparazzi" or something like that. I dont know if they were posted as a "oh poor celebrity" or "oh poor paparazzi" but if you watch them, and I did, you really get a good feel on how much of a lowlife bottom feeder these picture hounds are.
   I get that this comes with celebrity, but come on. You cant even drive your car because there are 12 people standing around with flashes going off and they are in the way and it is just truly invasive. I do not like Kanye West but even I felt for him when some goomba is standing outside of his house at 4am trying to take his picture and trying to talk to him.
Ok so you have the whole invading the personal space and not giving them the chance to just walk somewhere but then you have the ones that are just rude and even offensive. 
We, as a society, have created these monsters and we as a society need to step up and remove them. Sure there are things we like and these people are in the things we like so we like these people but do you need 16 photos of Dan Radcliffe walking down the street?
I would bet that a person could create a hoodie made of reflective material (like on the road crews reflective vests) with maybe a infrared light in the rim of the hood itself that would cancel out the flash and turn their visage into a bright blurry blob. That would at least provide some cover at night and keep them at bay as they would know they couldnt get a good shot.
 Ok rant is over.
 If you read this and end up making these stylish hoodies just remember you read it here and send me a healthy check please and thank you.


Oh just found out that they already do make these