Thursday, March 24, 2011


Humans are social animals.
Therefore humans are herding animals.
Therefore humans have a hard time standing against a crowd.
We cry for independence and yet we cling to society.
We praise the individual yet decry the neighsayer.

sometimes majority just means all the idiots are on the same side.

Be true to you first,
                please those you love second
                             all other opinions be damned.

ornery as ever.

Girl hurt her knee back in August getting into a pool.
Been hurting for a while now.
Well a few weeks back she slipped and fell in the tub hurting it a lot.
Took her in for MRI and they found a nick in the cartilage attached to the knee (The cartilage is attached to the bone kinda like the felt on the bottom of a coaster)
Practiced medicine men went in yesterday and were surprised.
Not what they were expecting to find at all.
She has arthritis.
My 15 year old girl has arthritis in her knees.
The pain she was feeling was from pieces of the cartilage flaking off and lodging into the upper calf/lower knee.

Doc said no organized sports, no taking up jogging, no jobs with excessive standing.
Can’t be a doctor or nurse since that would take being on her feet all the time.
Which pretty much sucks as being a nurse was what she was looking forward to going into.

So in a couple of months we will take her back in for some blood work and see if it is medical or bad genes.
Hopefully it is medical but more than likely it’ll be bad genes.

So yeah, yesterday kinda sucked.
15 years old and already has a list of jobs she cannot have.
 Hopefully by the time she needs new knees they will have some amazing pill or something.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Burn My Brain

I believe no one uses their full attention when driving. You are doing a task that is mundane at best, unless you are 17 and younger then it’s pretty awesome. Naturally once you get rolling part of your brain takes over and the other part starts to wander Do you really wanna know” away.
So there you are hurtling down the open road in a 1 ton box of fiberglass, metal and glass. Eyes are faced forward and they focus in and out, long and short and flick from side to side. You hand make constant adjustments to your position“what I want in a guy” Your foot presses and releases on the gas. All this happens as if by instinct but it’s not instinct, it’s an automated response brought about by repetition. You were born with the ability to drive just as much as you were born wearing pants (for those of you Im lookin for a mean machine” born wearing pants, I apologize.)
So what do you normally wander off and think about when the auto-mated responses take over? Do you spend the time bemoaning your current fate in life? Make a list of “with hell in his eyes”things that need to be done? Watch yourself on stage singing along with the band…

I can’t take it anymore!!
I confess! I was being silly and sarcastic last night and posted a youtube link on facebook to “Cool Rider” a stupid song sung “ a c. oo. L R.I. der” I wanna c. oo. L R.I. der” GAAH! by stupid Michelle Pfeifer in the stupid remake and now it’s stuck in my stupid head!
I knew this song ALWAYS gets stuck in my head, that’s why I usually avoid it but NOOO I gotta play with fire.
Now here it is buzzing around in my head like a gnat.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Roll 2d10 to save vs. dork

Dungeons and Dragons.
Aah, the very words invoke wonderful visual images of mole-like, misshapen and vaguely humanoids with bad skin and worse hair.
No, I don’t mean any kind of demon, spawned of hell but the poor misguided souls who actually invested countless hours and cash into this role playing game.
Poor social skills, forgotten hygiene, bad fashion choices and a complete lack of a reality check are just the standard norms included here.
These twisted minds spend hours upon hours stuck in a room with other likeminded individuals and a few sheets of paper, a pencil, a bag of dice and some books.
And a HUGE honking imagination!
And we couldn’t be any happier.

Gosh I do recall the marathon sessions spent in my parents basement (I know, very cliché) anywhere from 2 to 5 of us surrounding a ping pong/pool table. Going into the game at 7pm on a Friday night and not finishing until oh we could go till 6am easy.
Well when I was in my teens there wasn’t really anything else to do, so time could be invested into a hobby such as this. Once I gained a wife my gaming slacked off to just 3 or 4 hours occasionally. Then once I had children it dropped off even more.
Oh the hours and hours spent solving puzzles, developing diplomatic skills and developing acting skills.
Why, I have been tough, shy, quiet, brash, menacing, Scottish and female (well not all at once!) 
We would spend hours as strategic generals using our talents to allocate meager resources, using what we had on hand to send our characters up against insurmountable odds. 
This game taught me well how to use my problem solving skills in abstract ways.
For instance: One time our party had to get across a completely frictionless room. My solution for this puzzle was to have the Mage cast a stone wall spell with nothing to anchor it to. Than the Ranger shot an arrow attached to a line across the room into the far wall. We all then pushed the wall down into the room and leapt aboard as we tobogganed across.One of my best inventive moments, not even close! Just the first that came to mind.
You just cant get free thinking like that from a video game.
Sure it has been proven that the youths today who invest their time in video games do achieve a faster reaction time. That’s a pretty good skill to have. But it is limited in its scope.
To play a game that makes full use of your logic and imagination though, not that is a game that can have far reaching skill development. So much can be learned in the game and then applied to the real world.

The game really got a really bad rap from those lost souls who sunk themselves into the game and refused to come back out. I remember being 14 or 15 and explaining to my mom that these people who killed themselves and blamed it on a game were already lost. They would have done the same thing no matter what their hobbies were. The game did not facilitate their descent into madness it just gave them a outlet. Blaming a game for their misfortune would be like blaming football for steroid use or blaming a song for secret messages. Boiling it all down it was still just a game and you can’t blame the game only the players.
Don’t just take my word for it, explore it for yourself. Go out to your local game shop (they are a dying breed in themselves) you should be able to find ads a group looking for more players. I have never met a group who didn’t accept new players in with open arms. You will find most of them friendly, accommodating and more than willing to share their knowledge with you.
Go on and sit down and play a few sessions with them. They certainly don’t have to be marathon sessions, just an hour or 2 out of your time. Most players won’t even mind just having someone tag along to watch.
Dip your toe into the RPG (role playing game) world.
Have a good time.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Sheen load

Sheen Canned
I thought they already had fired him and that's why he wigged out?
You mean he had a extremely profitable job with benefits and was still trashing his boss?

HEY WARNER! I will be more then happy to replace him for 1/4th the pay!
Just think Oh great Warner guys, you get all the wit and funny from before and a HUGEMONGOUS bite taken outta the budget as well.
You were paying Charlie $1,825,00 an episode and he had part ownership as well.
Well hold on to your wingtips, cause I have a bargain for YOU.
Here's my contract for you.
1. You have full ownership! That's right. no backend stipulations and cashouts for this guy. You get to wallow in the cash for years to come.
2. My cost would be $250,000 an episode with a 4 episode minimum. That in itself is a over 4 million dollar savings right day. KACHING!!
3. I wont talk bad about you! I dont care who is "winning" or whatever. I dont have 3 to 5 goddess to support and I am not high on the drug that is me? I have my own set of mental mashups but I will keep it to myself. If you would like everytime I mention my employer I will call you
"The great and masterful artists known as.."
because hey, we all know you get what you pay for and for that kinda money you just bought a warm brown nose.

Plus as an added benefit, have you seen Sheen in the last few years? he is just phoning it in.
For that kinda cash I will emote my ass off.
No more of this sock puppet wooden character I will do way more then blink, nod or grin.
I have range!

What a bargain! Right?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Via: Medical Insurance Blog

Now what?

Pardon me while I bounce around here….
I am more agitated then a washing machine full of bricks on spin cycle.
I get a call today from The Girl that while at school today, the current flood of high school drama hit a peak and one of her “friends” turned around and decked her.
Grr HulkDad SMASH!!!
She had her hands full of books and this spoiled little brat took the opportunity to take a cheap shot. PHM was cool about it and… did nothing.
Yeah, of course she was.
But it’s high school.
Part of me wants to go all protective and destroy any indication that this kid has ever existed on this planet.
Part of me wants to let this all flow and ebb away as it is just childish, High School crap and will soon dissipate away as all childish things do.
I know my girl did the right thing, she turned the other cheek.
I also know that it is very hard to get over that one major hump.
That is, convincing your brain, in under 15 nanoseconds, that it is OK to break someone’s nose.
I think it is because to actually WANT to hit someone is not a natural feeling at all. The first (and second) time you ever punch someone out of anger is always the hardest to get past. Your mind gets all jumbled up with uncertainty and fear and apprehension. I think that the hesitation to hit is the mind trying to protect itself from more/other harm.
There is a school of psychology that believes that anger is not a true emotion that anger is actually a response to a deeper feeling whether it is remorse, insecurity or embarrassment.
I can see how that can be and perceived but I think that invalidates the anger as a true emotion. I think that only by accepting the anger at face value can you get past it and eliminate the true underlying issues.
I may be wrong, I don’t hold a PhD, I just know what I know.