Thursday, March 17, 2011

Burn My Brain

I believe no one uses their full attention when driving. You are doing a task that is mundane at best, unless you are 17 and younger then it’s pretty awesome. Naturally once you get rolling part of your brain takes over and the other part starts to wander Do you really wanna know” away.
So there you are hurtling down the open road in a 1 ton box of fiberglass, metal and glass. Eyes are faced forward and they focus in and out, long and short and flick from side to side. You hand make constant adjustments to your position“what I want in a guy” Your foot presses and releases on the gas. All this happens as if by instinct but it’s not instinct, it’s an automated response brought about by repetition. You were born with the ability to drive just as much as you were born wearing pants (for those of you Im lookin for a mean machine” born wearing pants, I apologize.)
So what do you normally wander off and think about when the auto-mated responses take over? Do you spend the time bemoaning your current fate in life? Make a list of “with hell in his eyes”things that need to be done? Watch yourself on stage singing along with the band…

I can’t take it anymore!!
I confess! I was being silly and sarcastic last night and posted a youtube link on facebook to “Cool Rider” a stupid song sung “ a c. oo. L R.I. der” I wanna c. oo. L R.I. der” GAAH! by stupid Michelle Pfeifer in the stupid remake and now it’s stuck in my stupid head!
I knew this song ALWAYS gets stuck in my head, that’s why I usually avoid it but NOOO I gotta play with fire.
Now here it is buzzing around in my head like a gnat.

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