Monday, March 7, 2011

A Sheen load

Sheen Canned
I thought they already had fired him and that's why he wigged out?
You mean he had a extremely profitable job with benefits and was still trashing his boss?

HEY WARNER! I will be more then happy to replace him for 1/4th the pay!
Just think Oh great Warner guys, you get all the wit and funny from before and a HUGEMONGOUS bite taken outta the budget as well.
You were paying Charlie $1,825,00 an episode and he had part ownership as well.
Well hold on to your wingtips, cause I have a bargain for YOU.
Here's my contract for you.
1. You have full ownership! That's right. no backend stipulations and cashouts for this guy. You get to wallow in the cash for years to come.
2. My cost would be $250,000 an episode with a 4 episode minimum. That in itself is a over 4 million dollar savings right day. KACHING!!
3. I wont talk bad about you! I dont care who is "winning" or whatever. I dont have 3 to 5 goddess to support and I am not high on the drug that is me? I have my own set of mental mashups but I will keep it to myself. If you would like everytime I mention my employer I will call you
"The great and masterful artists known as.."
because hey, we all know you get what you pay for and for that kinda money you just bought a warm brown nose.

Plus as an added benefit, have you seen Sheen in the last few years? he is just phoning it in.
For that kinda cash I will emote my ass off.
No more of this sock puppet wooden character I will do way more then blink, nod or grin.
I have range!

What a bargain! Right?

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  1. Personally, I think you'd do an absolutely fabulous job of it! Ya got my vote.

    If that's Charlie Sheen OFF drugs, perhaps he might reconsider and begin taking them again.


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