Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Failure

Well, Friday night at about 11 the beast and I were sitting on my bed, both tip tapping through out laptops (I am still having issues with my driver and I’m getting really pissed off at it)
about 1130 all the electricity went out.
Blink. So now, we are sitting in the dark with the only light being from our screens.
Oh, joy.

We ran around the house found flashlights and lit candles. The entire section of our grid was off. So we waited until Wildcat and Princess came home and then off to bed.
I just got comfortable and was standing on the deck of a cruise ship with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini (her not me) when along comes Carmen Electra and Pam Anderson and I’m thinking “THIS is going to be good!” When suddenly, Pam literally explodes in a flash of bright light. A horrible disembodied sound start cutting through the air.
Yup the electricity came back on.


Anyway we got everything all shut off and back to beddie-bye.
I must have fallen asleep rather well because next thing I know my alarm is going off and off to work I go.
For some reason I wasn’t feeling 100%. Tired, wore out and achy.

I left work earlier then usual so I could get ready to go to an old friend of mine’s
surprise birthday party.
We were all getting ready to go and I just ran outta steam. I felt so bad. I felt bad physically (tired, kinda fluish, zero energy)
Then I got a call from my buds wife to see if we were coming to the party.
I felt like such a heel telling her that we were not going to be able to make.

I Still do.

I know I could have gone, I know I should have gone.
I just didn’t have the gumption to be able to go.
I am pretty sure I ruined the whole thing for her.
I apologized profusely to her and told her we would love to make it up to her and my friend.

Doesn’t change the fact that I still feel like a heel.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This is pretty nifty!

Pockets: Send Voicemails to Twitter Users

Posted: 28 Aug 2009 12:37 AM PDT

Pockets is an innovative Twitter/ Voicemail mashup which allows you to send voicemails even if you don’t know the recipient’s phone number. The only requirement is of course that they should be on twitter. You can sign in using your twitter account, supply your phone number and the user’s twitter handle whom you intend to send the message. Then hit “send voicemail” and the app calls you to record a message. Once you are done, you can hang up and the recipient gets a private voicemail as an @reply and can only hear it once he authenticates his account.

twitter voicemail

Check out the demo video of the app.


  • Send voicemails via twitter.
  • Use your twitter account to log in and verify.
  • Voicemails are sent as private messages via @reply to the recipients.
  • Quick and easy to use.

Check out Pockets@ (By Abhijeet from Appscrazy)

Pockets: Send Voicemails to Twitter Users

I strongly recommend ya'all go to this make use of website. They got something for everyone.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 more years

On one hand, I don’t remember where I have ever heard so much grumble and gripe about a president so damn early into his term in office.

On the other we are such a complacent people now days that’s about all we are gonna do grumble and gripe.

Personally I really couldn’t care less about what the President does and doesn’t do.
Because I know that my opinion means nothing, just like every other normal American and I know that the President is just 2 steps away from being just a figure head.
All this hyperbole you hear, mostly during election time, that one persons voice means blah,blah,blah.
It’s all bullshit. Always has been.

We just need more “heroic” actons.
Take for instance JP Morgan back in 1907

During the Panic of 1907 Pierpont called a meeting of all the leaders of America's major trusts and banks, locked them in his library, and would not allow them to leave until they had struck an agreement that would avert a national economic collapse--a plan he orchestrated.

Morgan was one of America's wealthiest men, yet he could have been considerably more wealthy, perhaps the wealthiest, if greed and money had been his principal goals. They were not. Upon Pierpont's death even Rockefeller expressed surprise at Pierpont's relatively modest estate of $100 million--Rockefeller was worth 10 times more--and said: "And to think he wasn't even a rich man."

An estate of 100 million is pretty impressive by today’s standards. Way back in the early 1900’s, That was Bill Gates like money and Rockefeller was 10 times richer then that!
Aint that cool though? He knew there was an issue and he gathered all the people who could directly fix it together in a room and locked the door on them.
Told them all “You wanna go home? Then fix it.”
That is what America needs.
THAT is what the world needs.

Fearlessness without a fear of repercussion.

I guess what I am trying to say here is there is no way to please everyone but Obama seems to be on a hell of a downward slide (like in the movie Romancing the Stone when Douglas and Turner hit the slopes during the rain storm.)
There really is no way for him to pull out of this dive either, which is sad really. I don’t really care for politics but I know he didn’t step into office thinking “Ok, how can I fuck this country up beyond all repair.”

Maybe they ought to just turn it all into one big reality show
“America’s next legislative act”
Have a bunch of average Americans submit proposals on how to fix the country and then it is whittled down by top advisors, analysts and the like and finally voted for by the American people by a special 1-900 number.

Isn’t that democracy?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Optimistic pessimism

Mahatma Gandhi once said

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Gandhi was a optimistic moron.
yeah, I said it.
The most pacifistic man of the past 100 years was a barking mad nutball.
Glass 1/2 full my ass.
Someone stole the glass is more like it.

it’s truly the other way around

You must not have faith in humanity. Humanity is a mud puddle; if a few drops of rain land in the mud puddle, the mud puddle does not become clean.

I loathe the human race as an overall.
It is wrong that we have to work to bring out the good in life
That if we do not act that the "bad" will happen as the failsafe mode.
The natural order of things should not be one born of hate and chaos but do to our selfish, wanton, egotistic ways that is the world we have created.

I, for one, want a go over.
But then as I am apt to say
"If there was no bad the the lesser good would become the bad, because there always has to be an opposite."
" If it weren't for the bad, you would not appreciate the good."

I for one would like to do some serious appreciation now, I have lots of it stored up.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sounded funnier in my head.

NOW why in the world would someone need a hat that big and shaped
like that?


People are such slaves to fashion.
By a coleman cooler or somethin.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just like a kid.

In yesterday’s blog I had poured my heart out in an expression of love toward my son.
Blah blah blah sunshine and roses.

Last night and early this morning he latched onto my last nerve and tore into it like a rat terrier swinging from an old sweat sock.

3am he decides it is time to get up and get ready for school and pick on the bloody dog in the middle of my bed.
The dog is half awake itself and he is hollering at it, in a stage whisper, trying to get it to chase him.

Who flipped his on switch?
I had to force him back to bed for an extra 2 hours of sleep for both of us.


I think I am supposed to be learning the patience and temperance lessons with him but it’s like trying to drink out of a fire hose.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a ramblin sorta post.

Well this weekend was “old Settlers” in Mulvane. This just happens to be the oldest city celebration, craft fair and over priced food event in the state of Kansas. I took off a 4-day weekend because, mostly, it was the final official fair thee well to summer time.
God, I hate it when school starts. Starting from way back when I was around 8 or so I have hated that first day of school. The dread of starting something new. The fear of the unknown was horrible.

Now that I have kids, I get to relive this hot mess vicariously through them. Princess H&M I am not concerned about. She is popular, she is pretty and she has a great personality. She has it made in the shade.

It’s my Beast I fear for. He is a good guy (even from an unbiased view) He cares for others, he just wants to be liked and have friends but so far each year he spends recess either playing by himself or having to include himself into the other reindeer games.
That hurts. It hurts because I know he is a great friend. He will stand up and protect those who cannot defend themselves, he actually cares deeply about his fellow man. He is very easy going and willing to do just about anything to just have friends. Yet, there are no calls for him to come and spend the night over at a buddy’s house.
No play dates.
No “can I go over to so and so’s house”.

I want to run out on the playground and start grabbing kids by the scruff of their necks and shake them until their little eyeballs pop out and clack together like canastas.
Scream into their faces to be his friend and play with him.

My wife thinks it is because he gets lost in fantasy. I don’t think so; he just has a superior imagination. He does however have a speech impediment. He didn’t start talking until late and even now it can be difficult to understand him when he talks. He is taking medicine for ADHD as well as he can be very hyper.

I was the same way when I was a kid, so I know what he is feeling inside.

My rejection didn’t come from people I was raised with though, mine came from always being the new kid. Each year was a new school and having to make new friends. Only to turn around and say good-bye to them at the end of the year.
You all know how cruel kids can be.

He is so cool about it too. He acts as if it is no big deal. He doesn’t come home and mope around about it. He comes home and waits. Then when daddy comes home, we hang out together.
He is my bud.
I just wish I had more energy for him at the end of the day. I would even be willing to accept my hyperness back into my life just so I would be able to have that energy to do more with him. I always feel so fucking guilty whenever I allow an opportunity slip by because I am tired or in pain.

Some days I feel like my kids have to suffer and pay my dues for my past.
Life’s just hard.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

OKOK Whatever

I am trying for a different look here.
and it seems that I have forgotten just about everything I ever knew about HTML.
Still opinions and the like would be received with open arms.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A site to behold.

Site Seeing

OK I’m gonna let ya’all in on some of my favorite places to stop along the intertubes.

For starters, I like to change desktops all the time. It is rare where I will find one I like enough to keep for weeks at a time (but not unheard of). I have found a site that just has the biggest collection of some of the most awesome wallpapers. You have seen a lot of them here in my blog as they have a pic for every mood and occasion.

I love sound events as well. I am always looking for the next best sound event. It cant be to obnoxious, cant be too long and has to be catchy too. My God, some of these things last for hours at a time! I don’t wanna click on something and leave , make a sandwich, have a couple of drinks, watch an episode of Robot Chicken and come back just as the sound is winding down.

I know how to make my own but I never know what I am going to be in the mood for. It’s kinda like being hungry but you don’t know for what. It would suck to go through the process of making a 12 course meal and then go
“mm no, that wasn’t it.”
Anyway, If you run across some cool sound sites let me know. Here is one I have used.

Ok if you haven’t checked out instructables yet you are missing some good stuff.
If you want some good stuff from your internet other then pictures of the Mongolian sex parade and the like, then you gotta try this place.
you can always find at least something you can use here.

Finally for my lil bits of brain fluff I always try to stop off at the IMDB.
I especially like reading the trivia behind the scenes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Desktop Wallpapers - Huge collection of amazing screen wallpapers

Desktop Wallpapers - Huge collection of amazing screen wallpapers

Shared via AddThis

Phone Home

I hate cell phones

Especially, due to their unreliability, the pause has been removed from all telephone conversations.

Now, if you pause to collect your thoughts, you immediately get the obligatory loud... “HELLO?” in your ear.

A person cannot seem to stop and think but must continually keep up a line of meaningless chatter throughout the entire conversation just to assure the person on the other end that yes you are indeed still there.

I’m not completely heartless in the matter. I fully understand it if either party is indeed on a cellphone.


When it’s two people who are on landlines, it is inexcusable. Especially in regards to business-to-business communications.

I am on the phone for the majority of the day for my work and I hear this over and over again.

I SO, SO, SO much want to just reply with “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? I can barely hear you, can you speak louder.” And keep doing this until I have the person on the other line just shouting into the phone.

For my own amusement of course.

I think it was Winston Churchill who said
“ya gonna act like a dummy, I’m gonna treat you like a dummy.”
Or something like that

Is it really that hard for someone to stop and think for a second?
Oh wait…
yeah, the whole dummy down America thing.


Call me
We’ll do lunch

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too cool for school

Marvel's "Super Hero Squad," a kid-friendly rendition of its core universe characters, dipped into some A-list fantasy and sci-fi talent to voice act in its new Cartoon Network series.

Coming out of Comic-Con, the cast for Marvel's latest cartoon venture added a roster of stars including familiar names from "Star Wars," "Star Trek," and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," stacking its list of credits with longtime stars like Mark Hamill and George Takei and more recently anointed fandom favorites like Tricia Helfer and Michelle Trachtenberg.

The characters they've been assigned may surprise you, with Takei taking on Galactus, and Mark Hamill stepping on for Captain America's former Nazi-allied nemesis the Red Skull.
“The talent that has signed on truly speaks to the strength of the Marvel brand as well as the uniqueness of this series," said Marvel’s President of Animation Eric Rollman. "This is the first time Marvel has produced an action-comedy show and the reaction from both broadcasters and celebrity talent indicates we have something very special in the making.”

Helfer will pick up Scarlett Johansson's "Iron Man 2" role as Black Widow for the series, with Trachtenberg taking on the part of Valkyrie. Other picks include "Nightmare on Elm Street" villain Robert Englund as Dr. Strange's perennial foe Dormammu and "Buffy" schemer James Marsters as Mr. Fantastic.
"Heroes" stars Greg Grunberg and Adrian Pasdar will also be joining the cast well, with Marvel godfather Stan Lee in the recurring role of Mayor of Super Hero City.

Lee won't be the only comic book cred being pumped into the show, either, because Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has the honor of executive producing. The cast and characters should be enough to at least catch the attention of longtime Marvel readers.
The series will pull off quite a feat in September if it can keep them and attract the younger audience it's being tailored for.

I gotta admit the Beast and I are eagerly awaiting this show.
Just look at all the voice talent they are using!
I think I just peed a little just thinking about it

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eat me.

I have always had a weight issue.
Not like most people though, you see I have a very high metabolism
I did not break 100 pounds until my junior year of High School.
Right now I am sitting at about 150 to 160 and that’s just because I have such sedentary lifestyle and job.

When I was a young lad I could eat. Well I still can but I try not to make as pig of a pig of myself. I try to leave a little for the starving pygmies in Uganda.
I remember once there were 4 of us in a car coming home from Dallas after a long day of playing Photon.
It was Me, Mr. Jones, Mr. Nevik and Mr. Nevik’s woman of the hour.
We stopped off at McDonalds and proceed to purchase around $55.00 of food.
$55.00 of McDonalds food!
You can get real food at a sit down restaurant for less.

If I recall correctly I ordered
2 Big Macs
1 Quarter Pounder
4 cheeseburgers
20 piece McNugget
2 apple pies
a large fry
And a large coke.
The whole car was dead quiet except for the sounds of extensive consumption.
Not only did I eat all of mine but I finished off everyone else’s leftovers as well.
I could pack it away.
To my regret I could also burn it off.
I was 99% muscle and 0 fat index.
It got to the point where I would read diet books and just do the opposite, just to try and put weight on.
I ate as fast as possible to make sure I got as much in my belly as possible before the brain read it as full.

I still eat fast much to my families/friends horror.
You just don’t know how many times I have heard the phrase
“ No one is going to take it away from you.” ( yeah sure, I have yet to fall for that one.)

What most people don’t realize is I don’t eat for taste.
I eat for fuel.
Pack the engine and then off to do whatever else is more important then stuffing my face.
Besides, I can’t taste most of the food I eat anyway. When I was a kid I just about severed my tongue completely in half. It works fine and everything. (I have never had a complaint.;) but the front half taste buds are shot.
They barely work at all.

I was driving to a point here but all this food talk now I am just hungry.

Bugger it all.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting old part II

I really miss my memory
It’s nowhere as good as it used to be.
I have forgotten more things then I will ever know.

I wouldn’t say it was a photographic memory or even an eidetic one but it was damn good.
You know that game 7 steps to Kevin Bacon? I used to be able to do that with any actor to any actor in less than 30 minutes.

I used to have total recall. I could open a memory in my mind and walk around in it and see stuff like a living picture.
I could remember names and faces decades later.
I could read a text book by skimming my finger down the page and recall the text in perfection.

As I have gotten older this is getting weaker.
Oh, I still have a plethora of worthless information in my head.
It’s mostly movie stuff but there is a lil bit of everything.
From Shakespeare quotes “Tis not as wide as a church door nor as deep as a well but tis enough.” Mercrutio from Romeo and Juliet”
to the club Kate Capshaw sung in at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom “ Club OBI WON”

I still have the ability to watch movies in my head but now it’s mainly highlights and snippets.

It sucks getting old.
I fully discourage anyone from doing it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting old Part I

I guess the 2 major things I miss from my youth are my dexterity and my memory.

I was quite the agile man 20 years ago or so.
I had the proven ability to walk across an open cardboard box without falling in.
I could swing one armed from a warehouse bin like chimp.
I could climb a ladder with a 30-inch TV in on one shoulder and stack it over my head.
I had taught myself to walk with extreme stealth. I could roll my foot just so and knew where to step so not a sound was made. Why? not sure. Probably a misconceived notion of "cool"

I remember once (Junior High I believe) where 5 of my friends stood 20 feet away and threw snowballs at me without a single one hitting its mark.
I was a king at dodge ball as well.

When I was 18 or 19 there was an arena game near my work called “TRACER.” It was one of those laser tag places.
From my first game, I was hooked.
I was a natural and I was treated like a celebrity.
My code name “Dekkard” was a name known throughout the land.
You could always see my dark form as I danced and dashed spinning and shooting my opponents with blinding speed.
I was applauded on my efforts.
I dated the girls the other nerds just lusted after.
I was asked to be in games with people I did not know.
I was treated like nobility.

It even got to a point where if someone would see my name on the opposing team they would leave the game because they new they had no chance. I ended up having to create 3 separate identities so people wouldn’t leave the games (Ravenblade, Incognito and Nightshade)

One time the manager of the place asked me and 2 of my friends to play this team of air force guys. We had just swung by the place to talk to one of the guys that worked there and these camouflaged guys were talking shit about everyone and everything.
She came up to us and asked us if we wanted a free game to play these ruffians.
Of course we did.
Oh, to hear them scoff as they learned that the 6 of them were going to play the 3 of us.
We 3 in the quadruple digits scores and they in the negatives.
We ate them alive.

GODS, it was wonderful!

The whole year I spent was one of the best ones of my life. (Ok, so I was/am a bit shallow but after a lifetime of being in the background, I was finally a hero.)

I was legend.

If there had been minstrels songs would have been sung to my prowess and nobility.
Alas, like all good things, it could not last.
I ended up going to night school and lost time and interest in going to Tracer
Before I left, I banded together a team under my name for tournaments and I called them the Assassin’s Guild.
They destroyed all comers and all I could do is bask in their afterglow as I had passed along the torch.

I can only reminisce about this now as I limp about.
The wind is gone from my sails.
The energy leaked away like water from a sieve.
The body destroyed beyond any repair.
My agile body nothing more then a fond memory.

I miss that indeed.

PS: Rereading this I will agree that yes there is quite some boasting here but I can honestly state that it is entirely factual.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All dorked out

You may have seen or read about some over-the-top wedding productions, but Tony Lucchese told Sarah LaFore will be going the extra mile when they marry today in Portland, Maine. They will say their vows dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman.

Aquaman, Flash and Spider-Man round out the groomsmen. Ten bridesmaids will be Amazon warriors — in comic mythos, Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess — with spears, togas and sandals.

Two weeks ago, LaFore and Lucchese made an emergency trip to Jersey, down and back in one day, to tweak her costume.

“Paramount to having a successful wedding is having the bride feel pretty,” he said.

He and volunteer carpenters built a Fortress of Solitude altar in a rented warehouse space in Portland. They’ll be married by Kieschnick’s father, dressed as Jor-El, Superman’s dad. Part of the script borrows from Kryptonian wedding vows. The couple will break character to say, “I do.”

The two met while working on a theatrical production in Oak Ridge, Tennessee seven years ago. They have been planning the wedding for 18 months.

I read this article and the first thing that came to mind was
" Spiderman doesn't belong there!!
He's not even in the Justice League much less the same Universe"

Yeah... that's pretty bad, even by my standards. In my defense though I will say that ComicCon was just this past weekend and I watched the coverage with my son.
I would really like to go to that one day
Wife refuses though.
Says I dragged her to a Star Wars convention "once" so she has done her time.
That's Ok.
The Beast and I will have a grand time and I will just bet that PHM has just enough of the dork gene in her that she would go too.
It's hereditary you know.