Friday, August 14, 2009

A site to behold.

Site Seeing

OK I’m gonna let ya’all in on some of my favorite places to stop along the intertubes.

For starters, I like to change desktops all the time. It is rare where I will find one I like enough to keep for weeks at a time (but not unheard of). I have found a site that just has the biggest collection of some of the most awesome wallpapers. You have seen a lot of them here in my blog as they have a pic for every mood and occasion.

I love sound events as well. I am always looking for the next best sound event. It cant be to obnoxious, cant be too long and has to be catchy too. My God, some of these things last for hours at a time! I don’t wanna click on something and leave , make a sandwich, have a couple of drinks, watch an episode of Robot Chicken and come back just as the sound is winding down.

I know how to make my own but I never know what I am going to be in the mood for. It’s kinda like being hungry but you don’t know for what. It would suck to go through the process of making a 12 course meal and then go
“mm no, that wasn’t it.”
Anyway, If you run across some cool sound sites let me know. Here is one I have used.

Ok if you haven’t checked out instructables yet you are missing some good stuff.
If you want some good stuff from your internet other then pictures of the Mongolian sex parade and the like, then you gotta try this place.
you can always find at least something you can use here.

Finally for my lil bits of brain fluff I always try to stop off at the IMDB.
I especially like reading the trivia behind the scenes.

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