Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 more years

On one hand, I don’t remember where I have ever heard so much grumble and gripe about a president so damn early into his term in office.

On the other we are such a complacent people now days that’s about all we are gonna do grumble and gripe.

Personally I really couldn’t care less about what the President does and doesn’t do.
Because I know that my opinion means nothing, just like every other normal American and I know that the President is just 2 steps away from being just a figure head.
All this hyperbole you hear, mostly during election time, that one persons voice means blah,blah,blah.
It’s all bullshit. Always has been.

We just need more “heroic” actons.
Take for instance JP Morgan back in 1907

During the Panic of 1907 Pierpont called a meeting of all the leaders of America's major trusts and banks, locked them in his library, and would not allow them to leave until they had struck an agreement that would avert a national economic collapse--a plan he orchestrated.

Morgan was one of America's wealthiest men, yet he could have been considerably more wealthy, perhaps the wealthiest, if greed and money had been his principal goals. They were not. Upon Pierpont's death even Rockefeller expressed surprise at Pierpont's relatively modest estate of $100 million--Rockefeller was worth 10 times more--and said: "And to think he wasn't even a rich man."

An estate of 100 million is pretty impressive by today’s standards. Way back in the early 1900’s, That was Bill Gates like money and Rockefeller was 10 times richer then that!
Aint that cool though? He knew there was an issue and he gathered all the people who could directly fix it together in a room and locked the door on them.
Told them all “You wanna go home? Then fix it.”
That is what America needs.
THAT is what the world needs.

Fearlessness without a fear of repercussion.

I guess what I am trying to say here is there is no way to please everyone but Obama seems to be on a hell of a downward slide (like in the movie Romancing the Stone when Douglas and Turner hit the slopes during the rain storm.)
There really is no way for him to pull out of this dive either, which is sad really. I don’t really care for politics but I know he didn’t step into office thinking “Ok, how can I fuck this country up beyond all repair.”

Maybe they ought to just turn it all into one big reality show
“America’s next legislative act”
Have a bunch of average Americans submit proposals on how to fix the country and then it is whittled down by top advisors, analysts and the like and finally voted for by the American people by a special 1-900 number.

Isn’t that democracy?

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  1. Sadly, we seem to have no heros. We have empty promises, greed and myopic leaders. A guy that was in my class had a brilliant idea to fix the economy but I doubt anyone in power would have actually listened to him. *sigh*


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