Monday, August 10, 2009

Eat me.

I have always had a weight issue.
Not like most people though, you see I have a very high metabolism
I did not break 100 pounds until my junior year of High School.
Right now I am sitting at about 150 to 160 and that’s just because I have such sedentary lifestyle and job.

When I was a young lad I could eat. Well I still can but I try not to make as pig of a pig of myself. I try to leave a little for the starving pygmies in Uganda.
I remember once there were 4 of us in a car coming home from Dallas after a long day of playing Photon.
It was Me, Mr. Jones, Mr. Nevik and Mr. Nevik’s woman of the hour.
We stopped off at McDonalds and proceed to purchase around $55.00 of food.
$55.00 of McDonalds food!
You can get real food at a sit down restaurant for less.

If I recall correctly I ordered
2 Big Macs
1 Quarter Pounder
4 cheeseburgers
20 piece McNugget
2 apple pies
a large fry
And a large coke.
The whole car was dead quiet except for the sounds of extensive consumption.
Not only did I eat all of mine but I finished off everyone else’s leftovers as well.
I could pack it away.
To my regret I could also burn it off.
I was 99% muscle and 0 fat index.
It got to the point where I would read diet books and just do the opposite, just to try and put weight on.
I ate as fast as possible to make sure I got as much in my belly as possible before the brain read it as full.

I still eat fast much to my families/friends horror.
You just don’t know how many times I have heard the phrase
“ No one is going to take it away from you.” ( yeah sure, I have yet to fall for that one.)

What most people don’t realize is I don’t eat for taste.
I eat for fuel.
Pack the engine and then off to do whatever else is more important then stuffing my face.
Besides, I can’t taste most of the food I eat anyway. When I was a kid I just about severed my tongue completely in half. It works fine and everything. (I have never had a complaint.;) but the front half taste buds are shot.
They barely work at all.

I was driving to a point here but all this food talk now I am just hungry.

Bugger it all.

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