Monday, August 16, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is one of the most genius cartoons that has ever been created. No other comic strip has been able to continually make me laugh as much as this one does on such a regular basis.
Sure Bill Waterman Watterson has retired and thats just a shame and a crime bu the legacy he has left us with is priceless.
If you have never read the strip here is one of my favorites

I chortled, guffawed and then cried for 10 minutes straight I was laughing so hard when I read this in class in High School.
It didnt just hit my funny bone... it smacked it.
So with that I leave you today with other people's homage to the greatest strip ever.

One of my personal favorites! Not by Waterman but too close to tell!
I love these guys!


  1. awwww, yeah, i know, i love this comic too. these two characters are just brilliant. i was always amazed at how natural and real the language in the strip felt. it wasn't like his entire strip was setting up for a punch line at the end, how they talk together is just too funny. the dancing comic is one of my top tens too.

  2. The name's Bill Watterson... not Waterman...yep he pulls the laughs even though you are seeing the strip for the umpteenth time :)

  3. i love u celvin nd i love hobbes .
    cant express any thng more

  4. very funny.....................

  5. Cultural icons. I actually found a tiger doll at a church rummage sale when my son was about 5 yrs. old (21 yrs ago). He loved that doll, they looked just like the comic strip characters and if you read the strip, you knew just what my son had been up to. The doll is now waiting in my cedar chest for the next generation to arrive. :)

  6. The strip was brilliant on so many levels but ultimately and always a smile on my face at the very least.


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