Thursday, August 5, 2010

speak up

As you may know I work in a position where I talk on the phone all day long. East coast to west coast North and South I call them all.

Everyone has a problem and I gotta fix it.
It's my job, it's what I do.

I am not against anybody for something as stupid as the color of their skin or where they come from (except Norwegians. Damn Vikings.).
When I call a client in Puerto Rico I fully expect there to be a language barrier and that OK with me. I am calling what is in essence the 51st state and even though we dump boat loads of money into the country, English is not the #1 language.

That’s cool.
I feel the same about Hawaii. Yeah it's a full fledged state of the union but they have their culture and most do speak what passes for English these days.
This is what grinds my teeth...
However, if I am calling Virginia and I get a long string of babble rolling in my ear, now that just pisses me off. I will give them a second chance and answer in the tongue of this country and if they answer back in fine English, I am cool with that. Being Bi-lingual is awesome!
There is nothing wrong with a bilingual store servicing those who have a hard time with the language.
However, if the other person then asks for someone who speaks Spanish then I get ticked all over again.
This all boils down to 1 specific sentence that is so old and so cliché it is worn out but it still holds true to me.

You are in America. Speak the language.

If you are a tourist, then more power to you. Please, enjoy sites, enjoy your stay and we will try and communicate when the need arises.
If you are living in my country and you are working in my country I expect you to speak the language.
I should not have to bend to accomidate you.
I would expect the same if the roles were reversed.
If I moved to a different country I would be expected to learn or know the language if I wanted to survive there. Stranded in the middle of Tokyo reciting lines from “Mr. Roboto” and constantly calling everyone Mr. Miagi is not going to get me very far.

So why are we bending over as a country and allowing people who are here illegally have a say in our country?
Why is this even an issue?
Did the word illegal change somehow when you cross the border?

What about all the millions of people who came through Ellis Island and did it the “right” way? Isn’t giving an illegal immigrant shaming the memory of the toil they endured to come to this country. Just because you jumped across an imaginary line or a chain link fence I am supposed to give you the same honor, respect and money that someone who came to this country through all the proper channels?
These people dropped everything to flock to America for a better life. Once here they were proud to be here and struggled to integrate themselves with this country. They learned the language, they honored the country they now called home.
Now days everyone thinks that America owes them a free lunch so they come to America and refuse to learn the language, refuse to honor the country and then stick out their hands and demand they get paid.
When the hell did this become ok?

Ok analogy time….
You have found a house you like and go through all the proper chains (get a mortgage, sign all the papers) and move into your new home.
One night I sneak in and when you wake up in the morning I have made your living room my new home. Standing around in my underwear, sleeping on the couch, raiding your fridge, etc.
Now I expect you to take care of me.
I want you to buy me some clothes, get me some food and man, can you turn the AC down a bit? It’s warm in here.
I have a toothache too, so you will need to take me to the dentist.
Oh and here is a bill for my books I have decided I want to take some college courses.
Now just pretend I am not here.
Oh by the way, I had to kill your dog due to my religious beliefs.

Now how long would you allow this to go on before you called the cops or shot my ass off?
It’s one thing to show up at the front door and ask politely if I might stay with you and it is another to barge in and demand you care for me.
I have no rights here.
You are sovereign, you are King.
I am a refugee, a parasite, if we were at sea I would be a stowaway, a free loader.
But that’s just my opinion.
I could be wrong.

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