Monday, August 9, 2010


Have I mentioned lately how much I hate our current medical system?
Now I am not really 100% talking about free health care and all that crap, what I AM talking about is the family doctor.
The GP.
The guy (or gal) you go to when the normal daily stuff warrants it.

Now I know I have ranted on this before, about the dumbing down of America, and here is a prime example.
Because Americans are getting stupider the quality of all the services are dropping as well and it is most apparent in the current generation of physicians.
There is no care in the medical field anymore. It’s all about get them in and gets them out as quickly as possible. Collect the huge sum of money (pay half of it to the obscene insurance companies) and retire while young enough to still enjoy it.
If you can right your name on a prescription pad you are almost doctor material.
Take me for example.
I have never been to a formal college but I know when something aint right in my body. I take the problem; I analyze it and hold it up to the light to get a real good look. If it is really odd I may even do some research on it? By the time I feel I need to go to the doctor it is generally to get a second opinion.
I used to go with the faith that my MD would be able to use his skills, his decade-plus of knowledge and resources and come up with a brilliant “HOUSE” like deduction and to which a dramatic pause and thumping music a conclusion is drawn.
I was so naive.
Now days all you hear from a doctor is a really long sentence (if you are lucky) that says 1 of 2 things.
1. “I have seen this before and this medication is known to work.”
2. “Fuck if I know. Try this stuff and let me know if it works.”

Yes and while I am at it I will see a shaman, voodoo priestess and Kevin Costner cause everyone else has an opinion too.

Why is everyone screaming for health care when the doctors are imbeciles?
I was talking to a dentist friend of mine a while back and the guys in school who would get the C and D grades would just go “aw fuck it. I’ll just be a chiropractor.”
Haven’t been to one since.

The only reason I will go to a doctor now is if I think there might be a medication that will help to alleviate a symptom or something broke off.
Come to think of it, that’s all anyone can do for anything now days.
There is no cure
There are only Band-Aids.

I guesstimate that in 15 years we will be looking back to the leech as a proven medical tool.

I do hope I am wrong.

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