Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have a theory that I have been pondering for some time that I would like some input on.

It's a theory that "ghosts" are known for regularly sucking the juice out of batteries from devices (i.e. cameras, recorders, etc.) and seems to be a common occurrence.
It has been noted before that such a power drain is common before an "experience" as if the presence were siphoning off the energy for its own use.

With that in mind couldn’t a device be created that could oscillate through the common ranges of human bioenergy signatures and provide extra energy to an area to help force a stronger, if not physical, manifestation?

I'm not talking a Ghostbusters proton pack here, I am thinking about 4 to 6 electrified steel rods as a device used to pump energy into an area, say 10x10 or so, which would match the general harmonic energies given off by the average human body.

In essence, this would be akin to force feeding a presence the energy that it would normally leech off )whether on purpose or not). With the end outcome hopefully being a more substantial and significant encounter.

I am sure such a device would be rather simplistic in nature to create but would it be a practical device to use within a known haunting or within an investigation? Would this be a device worth the time, effort and (minimal) cost to design and create or am I off on the practice behind the theory?

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