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Same week - Refrain

Planned on going on vacation in June 19th since the end of January or so.
Why then? Well, just because of timing.
My in-laws were planning on going to go to Branson for that week and this worked out pretty good for all. This way didn’t have to find a watcher for the son.
Then life intervened…
My mother in law was diagnosed with a benign tumor in her brain that was attached to her jaw nerves causing severe pain all the time. They had to go in and remove that and then a week later had to go BACK in because she was leaking spinal fluid.
The day before I went on vacation, the 17th, my central A/C unit went out and took a healthy chunk of our vacation money with it.
My favorite Grandma suffered a stroke on 06/06, she made it to rehab for a week and then finally said “to hell with this. I am done.” and passed away on the 18th. She was 91.
I had been on vacation for 2 hours.
Honestly, I just can’t really remember much from that Saturday and Sunday. I think I was already on overload.
I do recall that late Friday night my son decided to impress his little cousin and went outside around midnightish to set napkins on fire in the drive way.
Where were his parents?
Good Question.
Well, his mom was spending the night at the hospital with her mother. His father was spending the night, one of way too many, laying in bed staring at the ceiling.
He was caught red handed by his sister and severely disciplined.
Anyway, we had to rent a car and get a hotel room and drive the 13 hours to Cheyenne Wyoming on Monday.
This removes anything left in the vacation fund and cuts the emergency/emergency fund down to next to nil.
While there, it was stressful day after stressful day as family came in and family went out.
We laid my Grandma to rest next to her husband and her eldest daughter. Now my mom has to through a house with 60+ years of stuff in it. Luckily one of my cousins is available to be there to help her with it.
On the day we buried my Grandma I received a text message from an old friend of mine to tell me that his wife (who was also a good friend of mine) had died that day. She was 45ish.
We decided to spend the last night with my mother but got in to the house so late from visiting other relatives in town that we ended up crashing in our clothes.
Which is what we wore the next day as well as we packed the car and headed back to Kansas on Friday (13 hours again).
I always forget how much I hate Kansas until I return there from “elsewhere”. Kinda like a sensitive tooth. It sits in the back of your head, not quite a problem, until you eat some ice cream.
On Sunday our van throws a belt and dies. We had to have it towed from Derby McDonalds to the shop in Mulvane.
Easy enough fix but due to it overheating the radiator is now dry.
However, no one knows this (you would think the shop that we sent it to would have thought to look but NO.). Therefore, last night on the way home from a ballgame with my girl the wife gets an overheating van.
Back to the shop it goes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ugh whatta week

Friday was when I was to start my vacation.

Last thursday the engine to my A/C unit went out so 600+ dollars went to that which took a helluva bite outta the vacation fund.

My grandmother had a stroke 2 weeks ago and passed away on Friday night last week.

So on Monday we drove to Cheyenne Wyoming.

13 hours in a rental car with 2 adults, 2 children and 1 dog. The wife always drives because she says I make her car sick when I drive. I always offer to drive but no not gonna happen. Well then dont complain when you have sat 13 hours in front of the wheel. Options were given.

It's ok by me though, I hate driving.

So in Cheyenne meeting cousins and such who I have not seen since I was a kid.

Wednesday we buried her. Everyone has a favorite Grandmother. She was mine.

I remember every summer as a kid driving to Cheyenne to visit her and every time when we would leave I would sit in the backseat and watch her house get smaller and smaller and the lump in my throat always choked me up.

Also I received the news that a good friend of mine passed away on Wednesday. I had just hooked back up with via facebook about a month ago after about oh some 20 years apart.

Then back to Kansas on friday.

I never really realize how much I hate this state until I come back to it.

I love coming home. Home is where you are comfortable.

I just hate that home is here.

Its really quite conflicting.

So I have had maybe 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days, the minivan is crapping out on us. Weve had it forever so it is about time to swap out but still have no idea where the cash will come from.

My car is crappy anyway so that needs replacing.

Blew my reserves on the trip, the AC, the rental car and hotel.

Guess who will be driving a crappy car this time next year as well?

Money may not buy happiness but it sure does make ya grin like a silly bastard.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Minions, serfs and peons...unite

I ran across this article at MENTAL FLOSS ( if you have never been to the site I do recommend going. You can actually hear your brain expanding.)..My notes at the bottom

Hate your job? Want to leave without giving two weeks notice? Thanks to Twitter, it’s never been easier to get fired. All you have to do is sign up for an account and follow these simple steps. You’ll be unemployed in no time!

Step 1: Drunk Tweet

As any Spring Break partier knows, drinking impairs your judgment. It seems to have also impaired the judgment of Major League pitcher-turned-sports-radio-host Mike Bacsik, who put on quite a show during a San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks NBA game in April. While watching the game, Bacsik bragged that he was “About 12 deep and some shots.” He proceeded to unleash a string of insults aimed at NBA commissioner David Stern, accused the refs of fixing the game, and even threatened to blow up the NBA’s offices. But the one that really got people riled up came after the Mavericks lost the game, when Bacsik tweeted:

@MikeBacsik: “Congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio.”

After sobering up, Bacsik deleted the offending tweets and issued an apology. But it was too little, too late. Numerous people complained to his radio station, which first suspended Bacsik and later fired him. After his dismissal, he told ESPN Dallas, “When you tweet like that, it’s not a playful, harmless thing…I’m very sorry and will try my best for my actions to speak louder than my tweets.”

Step 2: Break the Law (or Just Anger Your Governor)

Twitter has become a great tool for politicians to connect to the voting public. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, for one, has really embraced the technology as a way to share his opinions and views. For example, in December 2009, he sent out a tweet saying:

@HaleyBarbour: “Glad the Legislature recognizes our dire fiscal situation. Look forward to hearing their ideas on how to trim expenses.”

One of his Twitter followers, who worked for the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMC), read this message and offered up a suggestion on how Governor Barbour could personally save the taxpayers money:

“Schedule regular medical exams like everyone else instead of paying UMC employees overtime to do it when clinics are usually closed.”

This “Oh, snap!” moment referred to an incident that had occurred three years earlier, when the governor requested the medical center open on a Saturday, when they were normally closed, and bring in a staff of 15-20 people who were paid overtime to administer his annual check-up. This happened before Carter worked for UMC and she was simply repeating what she had been told by other employees.

The governor’s office tracked down Carter and made a formal complaint to UMC, saying Carter had violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a privacy law that states no employee of a medical facility can reveal any information about a person’s “protected health information.” Some argued that Carter didn’t violate HIPAA, since she didn’t actually give out any information about the health of the governor. However, others believe that simply saying the governor had even visited a doctor is a violation.

Semantics aside, UMC administrators said it was a violation, so they suspended Carter for three days without pay and strongly suggested she resign to avoid further disciplinary action, which she did.

Step 3: Have an NSFW Lifestyle

St. Louis-based blogger “The Beautiful Kind” had been writing online about her polyamorous sex life for years. Knowing that not everyone would agree with her chosen lifestyle, she was always very careful about maintaining her anonymity, especially when it came to the workplace. So when she signed up for Twitter, she wanted to be anonymous there as well. She thought that, thanks to the similarities between the two, it was like signing up for an online message board – you supplied your real name to the website privately, but could choose to be known publicly by your username only. But when she logged in for the first time and saw that, not only did it show her username (@TBK365), but also her real name on her profile, she immediately went back and removed it.

Thinking she was now safely anonymous, she used Twitter to promote her blog and to discuss sexually explicit topics with her followers. However, when her boss at the non-profit group where she worked did a Google search of employees, TBK’s Twitter account information—with her real name still associated—came up on the Twitter tracking site

The next day, TBK was called into her boss’ office and fired on the spot. Afterwards, her former boss sent her a letter saying, “While I know you are a good worker and an intelligent person, I hope you try to understand that our employees are held to a different standard. When it comes to private matters, such as one’s sexual explorations and preferences, our employees must keep their affairs private.” Because Missouri is an at-will employment state, meaning employers can fire someone for just about any reason, TBK was SOL.

Step 4: Question Company Policy

When California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) traded in their standard white shirts for black ones, employee Tim Chantarangsu wasn’t happy with the change. So he tweeted @calpizzakitchen his opinion:

@traphik: “black button ups are the lamest s**t ever!!!”

He didn’t expect anyone to notice or care, but the next day he received a direct message from corporate asking what restaurant he worked for. He knew better than to respond, but they tracked him down anyway and he was fired. They not only referenced his tweet about the shirts, but also an earlier one where he had said he was getting ready to work at “Calipornia Skeetza Kitchen.”

Little did they know that Chantarangsu is kind of a big deal on another social website, YouTube. Under the name TimothyDeLaGhetto2, Chantarangsu has nearly 367,000 subscribers, accounting for over 10,500,000 views of his videos. Of course he made a YouTube video telling his Twitter story and it has currently been viewed nearly 200,000 times. Shortly after the incident, he asked his followers to bombard CPK’s Twitter account with RTs (re-tweets) of his offending message, which they were more than happy to oblige.

Step 5: Make a Celebrity Look Bad

During his five years on the job, Jon Barrett-Ingels had served a lot of celebrities as a waiter at Barney Greengrass, an upscale restaurant in Beverly Hills. One day, Jane Adams, star of the HBO series Hung, came in and had lunch to the tune of $13.44. Unfortunately, when the bill came, Adams realized she had left her wallet in the car. Ingels knew who she was, so he told her she could run out and grab it and come back. The actress left, but didn’t return. Instead, someone from her agency called the next day and paid the bill. However, they didn’t leave a tip. Ingels had recently signed up for Twitter and so, his sixth tweet to his 40 followers said:

@PapaBarrett: Jane Adams, star of HBO series “Hung” skipped out on a $13.44 check. Her agent called and payed the following day. NO TIP!!!”

Over the next few weeks, Ingels started using Twitter to send out a few harmless observations about celebrities that came in to eat—mainly what they ordered or what they looked like that day. Then, out of the blue, Jane Adams came back to the restaurant. According to Ingels’ blog, she was clearly upset and begrudgingly slapped $3 on the bar for Ingels as a tip. Surprised, Ingels told the actress she really didn’t have to do that, but her gesture was appreciated. She allegedly replied with, “My friend read about it on Twitter!” before storming off. Adams complained about the tweet to management, so someone from Barney’s corporate started following Ingels on Twitter to see what he was up to. After reading his celebrity tweets, it didn’t take long before they gave him the boot.

Step 6: Don’t Get Hired in the First Place

If you’ve followed steps 1 – 5 and you still have a job, here’s the ultimate way to make sure Twitter will keep you from gainful employment.

When recent college grad Skye Riley heard back from Cisco, the computer networking giant, about her job application, one of her first instincts was to tweet about it. Unfortunately, this is what she tweeted:

@theconnor: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

The unfortunate part? An employee of Cisco, Tim Levad, came across her post while doing a Twitter search for Cisco. He replied to her by saying:

@timmylevad: Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.

Riley’s story was the tweet heard round the world. It became a hot topic on tech blogs for weeks afterwards, with writers calling it the “Cisco Fatty” incident. She later claimed that the tweet was taken out of context—that part of her message was referring to a well-paid internship she had turned down—but it appears the damage had already been done. While only she and Cisco know what really happened, according to her online resume, she has never worked for the company.


Now I realize (not stupid you know) that some jobs hold a higher standard to their employees then others. I think that someone in a high profile position should expect to have their private life brought into account as well.
to a point.
First off some of these people on this list should have just shut up but some were just blowing off steam or voicing a opinion that is valid in their lives.
For instance, Cisco had no right whatsoever to not hire that girl.
for starters, The whole world is a public forum now days. what is said in such is freedom of speech. The girl was not an employee yet and was on her own time and any remark made by her was irrelevant at best.
secondly where does a employers ability to meddle with a person's life stop and start. I believe that if I am on company time then I am a represenative of my company and strive to conduct myself as such. However, once I am not "at work" my employer has no say over what I do or say. If they want to have a say then they need to be willing to pay me 24/7.
for example: lets say I work for Wal-Mart (God help me if that ever happens. I have heard of the atrocities of this company since Sam's death. If someone were to step in TODAY with a new retail chain using the customer focused atmosphere that Wal-Mart used to have, they would knock the giant to it's knees in a very short time.. but I digress)
Lets say I am on my day off and I go to a baseball game wearing a t-shirt that says "WAL-Mart Sucks".
In today's society if this got back to my employer I would be fired.
I am not clocked in and not on company grounds.
I am a faceless minion working for a giant corporation.
I am voicing my opinion at that time.
I am my own man at this time.
so why can my employer step in and say "you are fired."
Why? because we let them.
because today every position has 10 people waiting to take it.
because we have become so dependent on our jobs and income that the loss of such has caused us to give our voice and freedom of voice over.
We have sold our lives for a paycheck.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Call me..2

I remember a time when I could not be reached for anything. In my car traveling to and fro meant I was out of touch.
A Quiet time.
Now I don’t mind this whole cell phone thing.
I like being able to contact whomever I need to when the need to arises.
Very convenient indeed.
There is one thing I do hate though.
When you are on the phone talking with someone and pause to think or take a breath you are immediately hit with the inquisitor “HELLO?”
When did it become mandatory for someone to continually keep up a line of patter to ensure the connection between the two of you is complete?
If 1 of the 2 is on a cell phone I really don’t mind it at all either. After all cellphones are notorious for dropping calls and such as a person moves around.
It’s when moron A is talking to moron B and they are both on landlines. Then moron B takes a second to collect his thoughts or take a breath or pauses while checking something which immediately spurs Moron A to interject with a variation of “Are you still there?” or “Hello” or “did I lose you?”
No you jackass it’s called a pause.
They used to have them around all the time back before the late 80’s.
What do you want me to do? Keep up a steady hum in to the receiver so that the 2 seconds I am not talking you know I am still on the other line?
Also, how stupid of a sentence is that?
“Are you still there?”
What? Should I say “YES, yes you did.”
Or just start making the off the hook noise into the receiver?
Just because everyone has a mobile phone grafted to their ear now days does not mean plan and common etiquette has to be thrown out the window.
In other words.. SLOW DOWN.
The words you are saying are leaving your mouth, traveling across town to a tower, shot into outer fucking space and then back down with pin point precision. THEN they still have to be shuttled across town to my phone and deciphered back into the human language.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am trying a few new outfits on.

let me know if you see something you like.

The Old West

Gunfighter in Training

The young dude in the Old West wanted to be the fastest gunfighter alive.

Sitting in a saloon one night, he spotted an old graybeard who had the reputation of having been the greatest gunslinger of his day. The kid went up to the old man and told him of his dream. The ancient legend looked him up and down and said,

"I got a suggestion that's sure to help."

"Tell me, Tell me!" said the young dude.

"Tie the bottom of your holster lower down on your leg."

"Will that make me a better gunfighter?"

"You damn betcha," said the old man.

The kid did as he was told, drew his gun, and neatly shot the bow tie off the piano player. "Wow, that really helped! Got any more suggestions?"

"Yeah - If'n you cut a notch in the top of your holster where the hammer hits, the gun'll slide out a lot smoother."

"Will that make me a better gunfighter?"

"You damn betcha."

The dude did as he was told, then drew his gun, and lightning quick, shot a cufflink off the piano player. "This is really helping me out! Is there anything else you can share with me?"

"One more thing," said the old timer. "Get that can of axle grease over there in the corner and rub it all over your gun."
The fellow didn't hesitate and immediately started smearing the grease on the gun barrel.

"No, no, the whole gun," said the graybeard. "Handle and everything."

"Will that make me a better gunfighter?"

"Not likely, boy. But when Wyatt Earp gets done playing that bar piano, he's gonna shove that gun up your ass and this way it won't hurt so much."

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I am not really 100% sure what it was I just saw.
I feel confused... demeaned...embarrassed and slightly nauseated.
and that tuna didnt look right?

Friday, June 4, 2010

This world just gets darker and darker

MMA Fighter Arrested For Ripping Out Training Partner’s Heart.

Jarrod-Wyatt.jpgAn American cage fighter ripped out the heart of his training partner while he was still alive after becoming convinced he was possessed by the devil.

Jarrod Wyatt also cut out Taylor Powell’s tongue and ripped off most of his face in a brutal assault that police said looked like a scene from a horror film, officers said.

Police discovered the 26-year-old standing naked over his friend’s body with parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered room in Klamath, California.

Wyatt allegedly told police he had drunk a cup of tea spiked with hallucinogenic mushrooms and became convinced Powell was possessed.

According to an autopsy Powell, 21, bled to death after his heart was ripped out.

The coroner said Powell had been alive when the organ was ripped out after his chest had been sliced open with a knife.

He allegedly told investigators he cooked the body parts because he was fearful Powell was still alive and he ‘needed to stop the Devil’.

Police had been called to the grisly scene after a third friend had witnessed a sudden mood change in Wyatt after they had all ingested wild mushroom tea.

Justin Davis told police he returned to the flat to find Wyatt naked and covered from head to toe in blood.

He noticed an eyeball lying in the middle of the floor and saw Powell’s mutilated body.

Wyatt has been charged with first degree murder and torture. Prosecutors added the torture charge as Powell was still alive when his heart was removed.


dingy house yelled between kitchen and living room as 2 sweaty guys arrive home to crash.

"Hey man Im thirsty. What do you have?"

"I have red stuff and purple stuff. Oh and Sunny-D! Oh I have some tea too."

"Oh cool! Is that Lipton or maybe some chamomile? You know how much I love a hot cup of chamomile after a cage fight."

"Well I ran out of chamomile last night during Steel Magnolias. I have some wild mushroom though, we could make tea outta that?"

"Seriously man? Steel Magnolias? That's just the devil in ya again."

"Dude. You. Are. So Crazy! You want cream and sugar with that? Wait.. why you lookin at me like...."

"Cream and SUGAH!! When I am TRAINING!! Must be the DEVILLLLLL."

Seriously. Who the fuck trips so hard they decide to cut a friend up and burn the pieces cause the devil in him needs to die. How jacked up do you need to be to not have one small coherent thought screaming at the tip top of your head going "This is fucked up, dude!"

Besides, everyone knows you use bleach to get the devil out.

What in THE HELL is the matter with you?

best of craigslist > philadelphia >


Date: 2010-05-23, 5:13PM EDT

I'm a serious bro looking for a equally/more serious bro with fancy footwork. The idea is to tie our wrists together ala the "Beat It" video and then each JO/knife fight in a profound spiritual act of consensual hetero awesomeness. I would have done this way sooner but have little faith in humanity.


-access to an abandoned warehouse
-old enough/built kinda awesome
-maintains good eye contact
-general intensity
-cool moves
-leather jackets ( I had to give the one in the pic back - long story, I can tell you when we finish)
-basic knowledge of knife/sword/bat fight etiquette (I can teach you what I know if you are pretty serious about art like me)
-can lift 80 lbs
-bachelor's in something or equivalent experience
-not a narc

Whereas dudes/J-ing O are both undeniably awesome, I'm a straight bro. As in not gay. I just really love MJ and being open minded about new JO scenarios.

We will basically play "Beat It" over and over again while we JO and dance, occasionally parrying/thrusting. Winner finishes the most times, but points will be awarded for finishing first/accuracy.

If you're the heter-bro I'm looking for, then we can JO furiously/competitively and then just hang or whatever. I've got laser tag too. I'm pretty serious about this. As in completely serious. If you touch my junk with anything but your own I will BF you in the M. Nerds/gays need not apply. I'M NOT GAY.

P.S. - And I've gotten with hot chicks as recently as just now.

"They told him don't you ever come around here
Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear
So beat it, just beat it"

PostingID: 1755781713

I dont even know where to begin in making fun of this?
I am flabbergasted.
Oh and by the way, dude, you are gay.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010