Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ugh whatta week

Friday was when I was to start my vacation.

Last thursday the engine to my A/C unit went out so 600+ dollars went to that which took a helluva bite outta the vacation fund.

My grandmother had a stroke 2 weeks ago and passed away on Friday night last week.

So on Monday we drove to Cheyenne Wyoming.

13 hours in a rental car with 2 adults, 2 children and 1 dog. The wife always drives because she says I make her car sick when I drive. I always offer to drive but no not gonna happen. Well then dont complain when you have sat 13 hours in front of the wheel. Options were given.

It's ok by me though, I hate driving.

So in Cheyenne meeting cousins and such who I have not seen since I was a kid.

Wednesday we buried her. Everyone has a favorite Grandmother. She was mine.

I remember every summer as a kid driving to Cheyenne to visit her and every time when we would leave I would sit in the backseat and watch her house get smaller and smaller and the lump in my throat always choked me up.

Also I received the news that a good friend of mine passed away on Wednesday. I had just hooked back up with via facebook about a month ago after about oh some 20 years apart.

Then back to Kansas on friday.

I never really realize how much I hate this state until I come back to it.

I love coming home. Home is where you are comfortable.

I just hate that home is here.

Its really quite conflicting.

So I have had maybe 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days, the minivan is crapping out on us. Weve had it forever so it is about time to swap out but still have no idea where the cash will come from.

My car is crappy anyway so that needs replacing.

Blew my reserves on the trip, the AC, the rental car and hotel.

Guess who will be driving a crappy car this time next year as well?

Money may not buy happiness but it sure does make ya grin like a silly bastard.

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  1. Money can't buy happiness but it can buy freedom and that inturn leads to happiness. IMO.

    I'm so sorry.


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