Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Call me..2

I remember a time when I could not be reached for anything. In my car traveling to and fro meant I was out of touch.
A Quiet time.
Now I don’t mind this whole cell phone thing.
I like being able to contact whomever I need to when the need to arises.
Very convenient indeed.
There is one thing I do hate though.
When you are on the phone talking with someone and pause to think or take a breath you are immediately hit with the inquisitor “HELLO?”
When did it become mandatory for someone to continually keep up a line of patter to ensure the connection between the two of you is complete?
If 1 of the 2 is on a cell phone I really don’t mind it at all either. After all cellphones are notorious for dropping calls and such as a person moves around.
It’s when moron A is talking to moron B and they are both on landlines. Then moron B takes a second to collect his thoughts or take a breath or pauses while checking something which immediately spurs Moron A to interject with a variation of “Are you still there?” or “Hello” or “did I lose you?”
No you jackass it’s called a pause.
They used to have them around all the time back before the late 80’s.
What do you want me to do? Keep up a steady hum in to the receiver so that the 2 seconds I am not talking you know I am still on the other line?
Also, how stupid of a sentence is that?
“Are you still there?”
What? Should I say “YES, yes you did.”
Or just start making the off the hook noise into the receiver?
Just because everyone has a mobile phone grafted to their ear now days does not mean plan and common etiquette has to be thrown out the window.
In other words.. SLOW DOWN.
The words you are saying are leaving your mouth, traveling across town to a tower, shot into outer fucking space and then back down with pin point precision. THEN they still have to be shuttled across town to my phone and deciphered back into the human language.

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  1. Gods Forbid! You actually take a moment to THINK about something someone has said - "Are you still there?, Hello?" Grrrr - Too much instant gratification, not enough common sense.

    (Okay, I gotta steal that picture! It's too damn funny!)


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