Friday, February 21, 2014

Need a new sheriff in town

This I just cant come up with anything other the unacceptable.
This kind of behavior spreads like a disease.
You see they record it and post it to YouTube
the media covers it
a couple of idiots 2 states over see it and think "hmm ya I can do that" so they do that. Maybe they get away with it maybe they don't.
doesn't matter because its already out there.
I don't want to get a call at 1am because my child was killed at a convenience store due to some one else's stupidity.
Where have all the vigilantes gone?

Friday, February 7, 2014


Lets say you have a kid.

BAM congrats you are a parent.

Now you have created this little bundle of joy.
You feed it, you nurture it and you teach it.

Years pass as they are oft want to do

This child that you created has
  • Grown taller
  • Grown hair (hopefully)
  • Can handle objects with out immediately jamming them in their mouth (or eye)
  • Can walk and talk
  • Etc, etc

Would you not say that your child has grown to meet the needs of their environment?
They have, by a stretch of the word, evolved.

Congratulations you have just proven how Religion and Evolution can coexist together.
Don’t you feel proud?

God created man
Man grew to meet the needs of his environment.

And yet people fight and kill and argue till their blue in the face over this simple issue. Yes I am sure there is some finer points to the issue but this should take out a good bulk of it.

And here you just proved it by having sex
Good On You!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The other day I got to do something with my daughter I never thought I would get a chance to do.

You see I love watching movies I love with the audio commentary on and listening to the actors regale me with accounts and anecdotes from their time in the movie.
Those are my favorite.
I get bored with the directors telling how this shot was setup or who created that particular shade of blue for this costume.
Anyway the other day my daughter and I sat down and listened to the audio commentary on Mary Poppins.

Listening to Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke talk about their time on this classic was nice.
You could tell that they really couldn’t remember a whole lot of the minute details but they kept up the patter.
But the best part was getting to share something I actually enjoy with my daughter.

First off I am surprised I actually still enjoy doing this. Between depression and ADHD there really is so very little I can claim I like to do.
But then
To give my daughter so many outs and she still saying no she WANTED to hear this.
Well it meant a lot to me.
Thanks Girl.

Monday, February 3, 2014

getting old

I took my time and still got 38% better then the average. This tells me that I am slowing down. I used to read 700 plus words a minute with full comprehension and now I am 1/2 that. Getting old suck.
Go ahead and check for yourself.