Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The other day I got to do something with my daughter I never thought I would get a chance to do.

You see I love watching movies I love with the audio commentary on and listening to the actors regale me with accounts and anecdotes from their time in the movie.
Those are my favorite.
I get bored with the directors telling how this shot was setup or who created that particular shade of blue for this costume.
Anyway the other day my daughter and I sat down and listened to the audio commentary on Mary Poppins.

Listening to Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke talk about their time on this classic was nice.
You could tell that they really couldn’t remember a whole lot of the minute details but they kept up the patter.
But the best part was getting to share something I actually enjoy with my daughter.

First off I am surprised I actually still enjoy doing this. Between depression and ADHD there really is so very little I can claim I like to do.
But then
To give my daughter so many outs and she still saying no she WANTED to hear this.
Well it meant a lot to me.
Thanks Girl.

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