Friday, March 14, 2014

Smile you bastard

No I’m serious crank the corners of your mouth up
Go ahead
Don’t care how fake it is just smile
Hold it….
Hold it…
Almost there….
Phew ok and rest
You may run around in circles if you need to cool down.

You see your brain is pretty stupid when it comes to some of the basic emotions. Just like your brain tells your body what to do you can use that same communication pathways and send a message to your brain.
It works both ways.

So by smiling for just 30 seconds your brain goes “oh duh I must be happy” and your dark mood is lifted.
This will help you get a bit of an energy boost and make you feel better.
Just a bit lighter in the soul area.

I discovered that the body did this when I was just a kid.
I was in a happy grabass mood on the church bus on the way home from some event or another and there was this girl I wanted to impress sitting behind me.
I figured “hey chicks dig dark and moody guys”
And yes I was an idiot, thank you for asking. Male hormones are known for decreasing intelligence. It’s like a medical fact and stuff. The hormones get up into the brain stem and beat the crap out of the intelligence synapses and steal their lunch money.
With no lunch money your intelligence synapses grow hungry and go into a corner to weep and bemoan their fate.
There I sat staring at my headphone jack forcing myself to act all sullen and pissy.
By the time the bus stopped I was indeed all sullen and pissy and boy isn’t that just a fun thing to be around.
That’s when I realized my outward face could influence my inward one.
Nowadays psychological science has caught up with sullen and pissy me 30 years ago and have confirmed that smiling makes you happier
Acting energetic makes you more energetic
And by extension acting like an idiot makes you into an idiot.

Ok maybe not that last one but you get the idea.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Deep side of the gene pool

A old high school chum of mine lost his father the other day.
I wrote him a consolation note and to be frank I was pretty impressed with my spur of the moment note.
Yup sometimes I even impress myself.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I lost mine about 10 years ago. We grow up looking at our dads as invincible supermen. As we get older we realize what mortality is but somewhere down deep we still see our dads as immortal superheroes and in some ways they are.

Dang. I'm like all kinds of deep and stuff.