Monday, January 27, 2014


From kids I would expect “dumb”.
They are young and haven’t the experiences to bounce against current problems.
Like so;
Eleven-year-old Trinity Rhoades of South Jordan, Utah, played a game of hide and seek with her sister and cousins Tuesday. Trinity decided to hide in the washing machine, but once in, she couldn't get out. Her sister and cousins tried remedies they recalled from cartoons. First they used butter to lubricate her legs. Then they tried using peanut butter. Then they resorted to ice, which only left the girl cold, so they then poured warm water over her. The children finally called Trinity's mom, who called emergency services. They found the girl not only stuck in a washing machine, but "wet, cold, and covered with condiments." They eventually had to cut the dryer from the top of the combo laundry unit, and Trinity was freed. She has some bruising on her legs, but is otherwise uninjured.

Then you have idiots who just don’t think.
Like so;
Police in Pincher Creek, Alberta, responded to a suspicious fire Saturday morning. The story behind it was gradually pieced together. Two men had been in the Honda the day before, but they became lost and then put the car into a ditch. To keep warm, they first tore the seats out of the car and set them on fire in the road. Then they set the entire car on fire."Their car was completely consumed by fire," said Cpl. Jeffrey Feist of the Pincher Creek RCMP. "They lit their car on fire because they thought they were going to freeze to death."
When daybreak came, the two men discovered that they were within easy walking distance of a nearby house, and set off to find help. Rising smoke from the burned-out hulk attracted the attention of a passerby, who called 911. Corporal Feist told the Echo that both men were in possession of cellular phones.
There you have it. A passerby could call emergency services, so there was cellular service. The two men apparently never thought of just calling for help. They were taken to a hospital for treatment of minor burns and frostbite. One of them was later arrested on outstanding warrants. Corporal Feist said that the RCMP recommends keeping emergency supplies in a car when traveling in winter -such as a cell phone- but they do not recommend burning your vehicle.

Then you have genius’s like this who should be removed from the gene pool all together.
Four armed men entered a house in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles last weekend. The resident, who was home alone, saw them on a security feed and called police before he was confronted by the invaders. As police surrounded the house, two of the suspects fled, while the remaining two came up with an ingenious scheme: they asked the resident to tie them up, and identify them to the police as fellow victims. The resident agreed, tied them up, and then went to tell the police what happened. Police found the two perpetrators who fled, and waited to see what the other two would do. They were promptly arrested. Officer Norma Eisenman of the LAPD told the story.
They came out, still tied up, thinking that we were going to believe they were victims also,” Eisenman said. “That’s what you call felony stupid.”

Thanks to Mental Floss and Miss Cellania for the tidbits.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Brain Play

Have you seen those shows of TV where people are actually stating that “the lottery ruined my life”
Wow talk about doing it wrong.
You are given a gift that 99% of the rest of the world give their last prized possession to have and you let it ruin your life?
That’s like saying
“My uncle gave me a Ferrari for my birthday but I ran someone over with it so it’s my uncle’s fault.”
“I found some money on the ground but I spent it on 12 chocolate malts and they made me sick so the money was bad.”

Then you have the idiots who are gifted 50 million dollars and then 5 years later are completely broke and back at their old job.

People, that’s not the moneys’ fault.
That’s all on you.

It’s really not that hard to figure out.
First you get out of any current debt and then you set the money up to work for you.

It’s really not that hard to figure out. If you suck at managing your resources then hire someone to do it for you.
DO NOT hire family or a friend for anything, especially handling of your money.
Hire a reputable company; it will save you so much heartache in the long run.
Then hire a lawyer because you are going to need someone to read all the little print for the stuff you sign.
Have your money sent to you every 2 weeks like a damn good paycheck and live like a king for the rest of your life.

Yeah as you can tell I have put more than a little thought into this.
Man it would be so nice to have money removed from my life as a concern.
Just think how freeing that would be to be able to put so much of yourself to other, more important issues then money.

Ah well, one can dream I guess.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Depression sucks

Depression sucks
Thats a pretty much a sound fact right there.
Some people understand, some dont.
Whats nice is when you find a place, any place, that understands.
This place does.
Its worth the time investment.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Michelles 50th

OK so Obama left his wife in Hawaii for her 50th birthday and you and I helped pay for it.
     If you had the resources available you would have done the exact same thing. Not everything he does has to be picked apart, he is just human after all.

     You know I don't really care 1 whit for politics HOWEVER stuff like this is crap. Its not fair to hold him up to some kind of microscope over every little thing. Like spending money. He isn't the first president to actually buy stuff. It is a perk that comes with the job. 
     He is on the clock 24/7 so he gets a little extra in his Christmas stocking. If he was out buying an island for himself using funds from the national parks coffers then yeah I would find fault in that but this, this is nothing.
     I just think that you can attack the man and/or attack the office but you should never confuse the two. Some people will argue that they are one in the same but they really aren't. They are 2 separate things entirely. Here look at it this way. He isn't President for life. He will be leaving office soon and all the issues created in the past 8 years will still be here just with another guy at the helm. Then everyone will dump on the new president just as much and just as hard.
As for the spending, tell you what go read up on past presidents and what they did while in office.
For instance Mary Todd Lincoln.
Just trying to say that its not new, its not rare and its not going away.