Sunday, January 5, 2014

Michelles 50th

OK so Obama left his wife in Hawaii for her 50th birthday and you and I helped pay for it.
     If you had the resources available you would have done the exact same thing. Not everything he does has to be picked apart, he is just human after all.

     You know I don't really care 1 whit for politics HOWEVER stuff like this is crap. Its not fair to hold him up to some kind of microscope over every little thing. Like spending money. He isn't the first president to actually buy stuff. It is a perk that comes with the job. 
     He is on the clock 24/7 so he gets a little extra in his Christmas stocking. If he was out buying an island for himself using funds from the national parks coffers then yeah I would find fault in that but this, this is nothing.
     I just think that you can attack the man and/or attack the office but you should never confuse the two. Some people will argue that they are one in the same but they really aren't. They are 2 separate things entirely. Here look at it this way. He isn't President for life. He will be leaving office soon and all the issues created in the past 8 years will still be here just with another guy at the helm. Then everyone will dump on the new president just as much and just as hard.
As for the spending, tell you what go read up on past presidents and what they did while in office.
For instance Mary Todd Lincoln.
Just trying to say that its not new, its not rare and its not going away.

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