Saturday, April 30, 2016

Shower Thoughts

Saw this on imgur today. Someone made a comment on it
Really? You guys would honestly kill a man to become rich? Hating on Justin Beiber is so cringey

When you have nothing and lose everything you don't have that far to fall.
When have some and lose some it is devastating.
when you have some and keep sliding down the muddy bank, crawling up but slipping down, losing ground every.single.time then a chance to make it all go away and be free for once.
You know that movie where they push a button and get a million dollars but someone dies?
 I'd beat out a damn drum solo.
I do have the tendency to fail to think of future ramifications. Not because I cant, but because I get stuck in the whole "what if" rabbit hole.
I end up just pulling the trigger on the decision and deal with the results as they come.
I would rather be sorry then wonder what might have been.

Inside the supervillians lair with laser sharks and bald henchmen.
"What you see before you Mr.ZomBee" he intones stroking his white cross-eyed cat "are 2 buttons. Press the blue one and your child goes free however 5 million people will die. Press the red....oh
Ok well the red was kill your child and 5 million people live but..yeah... that's a moot point right now isnt it?"