Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yesterday on 08/11/2014 the world lost the funniest man that ever walked across its crust.

Robin Williams took his own life yesterday.

He was in such a hurry to leave this world that when slitting his wrist did not work he then decided to hang himself.

That, my friends, is pain.

Living your life in so much pain that the very thought of taking another breath just overwhelms you.

That is depression.

This wonderful man who, at any moment, could have walked up to a complete and total stranger and they would have given him nothing but accolades and praise.

That is how depression gets you though. It tricks you into thinking you have no worth.

This man who gave the world so much laughter was crying inside.
 The booze and drugs were his way of just trying to self-medicate away the pain.

Just for a bit,

just a little moment so he could finally draw a full breath.

But no, depression doesn’t allow you these moments of respite.

Depression stands there and beats on you.

It beats on you and berates you and kicks you, even when you are down.

It hits you again and again and again

and again and again

and again

Mr. Williams didn’t know me personally but I knew him.

I met him the first time when he was at Al’s in Milwaukee

When my love affair with Sci-Fi was just beginning he told me he was from the planet Ork

When I wanted to just laugh, he took me to the Met.

He played a GREAT board game with me

He showed me the world from Agrabah,

We fought the pirates in Neverland

And saved the rainforest in Ferngully

And woke me up in Vietnam

He showed me he could be an inventor and an invention

a doctor and a psychopath

a teacher and a 10 year old boy

A king and a nanny

A President, a priest, a father, a husband

And a penguin

He could be anything he wanted to be

Except happy

And now he is gone.

and we are the lesser for it.