Friday, October 25, 2013

Imagine this Part II

There you are and it’s you.
You know it’s you because you know you and that look exactly like you.
It’s a rainy gloomy day and you are helping a friend move.
As you leave your friends house with your arms laden with 2 boxes of his prized comic book collection (you really shouldn’t carry so much like that its bad for your back)
As you leave your friends house and cross the yard you misstep and down you go HARD
As you fall your vision is blurred by a brilliant flash and then immense pain.
Then darkness.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Imagine this Part I

  Millions of years ago there is a planet very far away.
It’s an earthlike planet that is orbiting a gigantic silver sun.
One horrible day there is a solar flare and the planet explodes.
Fragments of planet are blown about their galaxy and boy they are really moving fast.
Watch as one particular red hued chunk cruises through the blackness of space defiantly with an escape velocity and trajectory.
Tumbling and rolling as it streaks through the stars.
It passes through a comets tale which turns the rock a greenish hue, and on it goes
A meteor collides with it and fuses into its mass turning it a goldish glowy color, and on it goes
It passes close to a planet with 2 suns made of water and caught in their gravity well it zips off into another direction, and on it goes.
Time passes.
It travels on.
The planetoid changes shape size and color many times as the ages toss it about at will.

Friday, October 11, 2013


WoW! This is just… Wow!
I know it is not much now but it has such far reaching implications.

Harvard’s Medical School has created a prototype of what researchers are calling a
 “noninvasive brain-to-brain interface” between humans and rats, which allows a person
 to control a rat’s tail using only their thoughts .
View article...

Using the human brain to influence/control another brain.
That’s pure science fiction right there.
I am excited about this because it means we are learning more and more about this slab of meat between our ears and how it works.
Which it is about time, I mean, its been there for a while now we ought to know more about it.
The relationship we have right now with what we know about the human mind is akin to having a distant relative move in with you and never even learning much more past their name.

Scientists can clone entire beings
Scientists can create meat
Scientists can grow body parts
And now we are well on our way toward neural to neural control.

50 years from now, ok maybe a hundred, entire armies of perfect soldiers controlled by 1 mind.
Or, even better, Have you seen the movie Surrogates?
Where you can buy/create the perfect you and just connect to it via mental wi-fi and have it live your life like an avatar?
Yeah, I’m not against that at all.