Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just like a kid.

In yesterday’s blog I had poured my heart out in an expression of love toward my son.
Blah blah blah sunshine and roses.

Last night and early this morning he latched onto my last nerve and tore into it like a rat terrier swinging from an old sweat sock.

3am he decides it is time to get up and get ready for school and pick on the bloody dog in the middle of my bed.
The dog is half awake itself and he is hollering at it, in a stage whisper, trying to get it to chase him.

Who flipped his on switch?
I had to force him back to bed for an extra 2 hours of sleep for both of us.


I think I am supposed to be learning the patience and temperance lessons with him but it’s like trying to drink out of a fire hose.

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  1. ain't that the way it goes? you jinxed yourself.


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