Thursday, August 13, 2009

Phone Home

I hate cell phones

Especially, due to their unreliability, the pause has been removed from all telephone conversations.

Now, if you pause to collect your thoughts, you immediately get the obligatory loud... “HELLO?” in your ear.

A person cannot seem to stop and think but must continually keep up a line of meaningless chatter throughout the entire conversation just to assure the person on the other end that yes you are indeed still there.

I’m not completely heartless in the matter. I fully understand it if either party is indeed on a cellphone.


When it’s two people who are on landlines, it is inexcusable. Especially in regards to business-to-business communications.

I am on the phone for the majority of the day for my work and I hear this over and over again.

I SO, SO, SO much want to just reply with “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? I can barely hear you, can you speak louder.” And keep doing this until I have the person on the other line just shouting into the phone.

For my own amusement of course.

I think it was Winston Churchill who said
“ya gonna act like a dummy, I’m gonna treat you like a dummy.”
Or something like that

Is it really that hard for someone to stop and think for a second?
Oh wait…
yeah, the whole dummy down America thing.


Call me
We’ll do lunch

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