Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All dorked out

You may have seen or read about some over-the-top wedding productions, but Tony Lucchese told Sarah LaFore will be going the extra mile when they marry today in Portland, Maine. They will say their vows dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman.

Aquaman, Flash and Spider-Man round out the groomsmen. Ten bridesmaids will be Amazon warriors — in comic mythos, Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess — with spears, togas and sandals.

Two weeks ago, LaFore and Lucchese made an emergency trip to Jersey, down and back in one day, to tweak her costume.

“Paramount to having a successful wedding is having the bride feel pretty,” he said.

He and volunteer carpenters built a Fortress of Solitude altar in a rented warehouse space in Portland. They’ll be married by Kieschnick’s father, dressed as Jor-El, Superman’s dad. Part of the script borrows from Kryptonian wedding vows. The couple will break character to say, “I do.”

The two met while working on a theatrical production in Oak Ridge, Tennessee seven years ago. They have been planning the wedding for 18 months.

I read this article and the first thing that came to mind was
" Spiderman doesn't belong there!!
He's not even in the Justice League much less the same Universe"

Yeah... that's pretty bad, even by my standards. In my defense though I will say that ComicCon was just this past weekend and I watched the coverage with my son.
I would really like to go to that one day
Wife refuses though.
Says I dragged her to a Star Wars convention "once" so she has done her time.
That's Ok.
The Beast and I will have a grand time and I will just bet that PHM has just enough of the dork gene in her that she would go too.
It's hereditary you know.


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