Thursday, March 24, 2011

ornery as ever.

Girl hurt her knee back in August getting into a pool.
Been hurting for a while now.
Well a few weeks back she slipped and fell in the tub hurting it a lot.
Took her in for MRI and they found a nick in the cartilage attached to the knee (The cartilage is attached to the bone kinda like the felt on the bottom of a coaster)
Practiced medicine men went in yesterday and were surprised.
Not what they were expecting to find at all.
She has arthritis.
My 15 year old girl has arthritis in her knees.
The pain she was feeling was from pieces of the cartilage flaking off and lodging into the upper calf/lower knee.

Doc said no organized sports, no taking up jogging, no jobs with excessive standing.
Can’t be a doctor or nurse since that would take being on her feet all the time.
Which pretty much sucks as being a nurse was what she was looking forward to going into.

So in a couple of months we will take her back in for some blood work and see if it is medical or bad genes.
Hopefully it is medical but more than likely it’ll be bad genes.

So yeah, yesterday kinda sucked.
15 years old and already has a list of jobs she cannot have.
 Hopefully by the time she needs new knees they will have some amazing pill or something.

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