Wednesday, April 9, 2014

theres a tear in my beer

Let me hear your Body Talk

Watched an interesting snippet as to why we cry

In this episode of SciShow, Hank Green explains our tears.
Here is the link in a nutshell
Basically there are 3 kinds of tears.
One is always there to keep your eyeballs moist, one is to flush out irritants and the 3rd is emotional.
Now here is the cool part.
The first to are mostly plain water but the third is chock full of all kinds of proteins and hormones.
When you are sad you brain tells the body “hey I’m feeling sad”
This causes all kinds of stress and your body, doing as it is supposed to do, starts generating all these stress hormones and junk (junk is indeed the scientific term)
Then the body uses the tears to help flush these excess stress chemicals out of the body.
Cool, right but that’s not all
Being that we are social animals they also have the secondary purpose of nonverbal communication.
Meaning that tears flow and this singles other humans that you are in distress.
This is supposed to garner well wishes and comforting from your social network. Social network just means other humans and not Facebook.
Also there is no crying in baseball.

It truly is quite an amazing machine that we drive around in each day.

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