Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maybe yes, maybe no

Last night I was laying in my daughters bed trying to go to sleep ( she gets to sleep with mom when sick or hurting, it’s a comfort thing.)
I was just laying having just squished down under the covers with just my nose and above poking out.
Suddenly there was this thwip sound that immediately reminded me of someone shooting a straw wrapper and something touched my forehead.
It was a swipe going from right temple to left ear and it felt like a bird feather. Not like the fluffy down but the stiff bristle feeling
It felt like someone had taken a swipe at me with a bird feather.
I lay there for a bit staring at the wall trying to figure out what just happened.
I rolled over saying “what the hell WAS THAT!” and of course I am alone but there is a light coming from the floor.
I get up and flick on the overhead and laying there about 1 foot from the nightstand where it had started from was my daughter’s ipod
and the screen was on like someone had just touched it.

Not saying what this all means because I just don’t know.
Similar stuff like this has happened before in this house.

And today I can still feel the path drawn across my head last night.

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