Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

At 1am, I sat up in bed wide-awake.
Not unusual thing for me to do but doesn’t change the fact that it sucks.
I dont mean the bleary eyed "wuzz that?" kind of wake up either.
I mean the full fledged I am up and the day is starting kind of wake up.
yeah.... That sucks.

I went outside and sat on the front porch to have a smoke.
The immediate world that is my neighborhood was wet and dripping from a passing storm.
Off to the east was the strorm trundling on it's way
Looked like I had just missed it by about 45 minutes.
Cloud to cloud flashes brilliant as a nearby camera flash and
duller flashes light like a light bulb popping just as you turn on the light in a dark room.
There were the always popular jagged, forked bolts of lighting dancing to and fro.
Not a sound of thunder to be had just the quiet flashes as the storm rolled toward it's next destination.

The night was warm and humid except for the gentle breezes that seemed to be for the trees alone.
Their branches swaying and rustling in the unseen wind.

Even the fireflies seemed to be enjoying the storm as they returned each lightning flash with their own, as if to say "me too."

I sat there thinking “there is meaning in this.”
I was sure there was a meaningful insight to be had.
Try as I might I couldn’t find it.

It seemed to boil down to the straight forward of moments.

“Awake at 1am to have a smoke on the porch after a storm.”
No insight, No inspiration, no revelations
Nothing profound
I finished my cigarette and went back to bed, none the wiser.

However, I did wake up Wildcat at 1:30 to have sex.
Dont see how a day could start off any better then that. :)


  1. Maybe the cosmos just needed you in that moment for it to be perfect.

  2. @nitebyrd : yeah. I like that.

  3. One can be inspired without finding a speakable meaning. Now you have that setting in your mind forever, for whenever you want to enjoy it again.


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