Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Am I the only one who sees an economic fix to benefit everyone?
The way I look at it is this. You threw billion and trillions of dollars at all the failing companies to “help stimulate the economy.”
Am I the only person who sees this?
The quickest and easiest way to stimulate a failing economy is getting people spending again.
Who spends the most money in most places?
Middle aged- GENX
We can’t save 2 dimes to rub together. Spend spend spend is what we know.
Saving money just means holding onto it until you make it to the next store over in the mall.
We are the ones sunk and mired in all this Credit card debt and borrowing money just to pay off money we have borrowed.
We suck.
So exploit us!!

So you want to get more jobs into this country?
Give us disposable income.
Do you want to solve the housing market issue?
Give us disposable income.
Do you want new cars and clothes and various other crap we don’t need being purchased so fast you would think the antidote was hidden inside?
Give us disposable income.

Our failing will prove to be the countries greatest triumph!
Ok, OK you’re probably asking yourself
“But where did I leave my cars keys?”
Well those are on the kitchen table behind those napkins, but that’s not relevant.

As I was saying give us disposable income and let us buy back America.
Remember all that money you were throwing around?
Tossing it left and right like it could actually spackle the huge holes that had been eaten away in the economy.
Well take some of that excess dough and pay off everyone’s mortgage.
Simple as that.
Almost instantly, you will see money flowing back into the pockets of the CEO’s and Oil Barons as people reclaim their hard earned money and start throwing it around again with abandon.
Without a mortgage to hold us down people will actually be able to retire, houses will be bought and sold (including new ones), cars will be bought, luxury items will even come back into the mix.
Of course you would need some guidelines like the mortgage has to have been originated before 2009, so people don’t run out and buy a house just to have the government pay it off.
And you would need to put some guidelines in like the household income would need to be under 100k a year combined.

But that’s detail work.
I am a broad stroke Idea man.
Besides, I cant do everything for you.


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  1. They should just tell all of us that we're starting back at zero. We owe nothing on credit cards, on loans, on mortgages...

    Don't I wish.


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