Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Have you ever thought that some where along your lives path you pissed off the wrong gypsy?
(Not to say that there is a way to piss off the right gypsy.)

I am usually a rather stoic and taciturn guy but let me whine for a bit here.
In just under 9 years I have
* Lost my dog in 00 (Paco was a good dog. My first dog as a “grownup”)
* Lost my dad in 03
* Lost my uncle in 04 (My dads older brother)
* Lost my aunt in 05 (My moms older sister)
* Lost my nephew in 09
* My father in law is currently in the hospital after his 2nd heart attack.
* My wife is under going radiation treatment for breast cancer.
* I worked 3 years at a hell job from 01-04. The kind where if you see your old boss on the street you just want to start flinging feces at them and scream obscenities)*
* I was laid off from 3 jobs.
* I declared bankruptcy and uprooted everyone so I could take an excellent position in Atlanta as a software tester only to have that company dry up in the dotcom bubble burst. So basically, I lost everything for a 9-month job.
* I was fired for the first time in my life (it was under false pretense, but that is something I am still working on “letting go.” Still, my old manager lives in my town and I am not wholly convinced I will not throw my feces at him next time I see him.)
* I have a bad back that I injured in 98 (requiring back surgery) and reinjured at my hell job. That “seemed” to get better until a year ago I had a massive muscle spasm, which moved the scar tissue from my surgery so it is pressing on my sciatic nerve. On a good day, I barely limp but still have no feeling on the side of my right leg down to my foot. On a bad day, I am just this side of lame.
* I am worried about my son Beasty as he literally has no friends. He is a good kid with a big heart and no one will play with him. That breaks my heart.

Oh, that’s not everything, that just the heavy hitters.
This does not take into account all the daily creepy crawlies that take bits and chunks outta you through out your days.
Little annoying paper cut nibbles here and big slobbering bite sized chunks there.
I am a regular smorgasbord of bad karma.
I know, you are thinking “Oh you are just focusing on the negatives. What about the positives.” (Well thinking either that or “wow this underwear really rides high! I think the tag is scratching the back of my throat.”)

See, that’s just it. There really hasn’t been any good.
I probably wouldn’t even dwell on the negatives if I had some positives to counter balance them.
I can deal with Tit for Tat.

I am also quite aware that there is always someone who is worse off then you. I feel for them, I really do. That is why I do not normally complain about my predicaments. I know it can always get worse and it usually does.

Ok I am done.
At least I am alive to lament my woes.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled sarcasm.

*I hated this job so much that I had my wisdom teeth removed just to validate not having to go to work for a day. In 03, my father passed away on a Wednesday and I got 2 days of mourning pay. Therefore, I was at work on Thursday so I could be off Friday. I think I have mentioned all this before. The job market was in a big ol slump so just having a job was a plus.


  1. I could share a few beers with you and we could cry in them together. I wonder, quite often, who I've pissed off in the cosmos.

    I can offer this, my daughter is a breast cancer survivor (almost 3 years!) if your wife needs a shoulder, advice, ANYTHING, my daughter will be more than happy to be there for her. Shoot me an email if she'd like to get in touch.

    I'll put you down on the list of "Friends" just in case I win Powerball. ;)

  2. Oh! I know cyber (((HUGS))) aren't as good as real ones, but they carry the same feeling.

  3. Thanks Nitebyrd! I will take hugs anyway I can get them.
    As for the wife, she is doing great. The carved out all the bad stuff and are now zapping it to make sure it stays gone.
    They caught it really quick.

  4. I'm sorry life is crap for you right now.
    I'll send up extra prayers for you and yours.

  5. Many big bear hugs for you. I empathize, having experienced many of the same things over the last few years. I just wish I could give you a real hug!


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