Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AYE! Chi-Wa-Wa

Well Looks like we have a new addition to our family.
There is a lady who my mom works with that has to get rid of her 2-year-old male Chihuahua.
He is house broken (very cool) and he is a thoroughbred but no papers.

In the past we have had 2 other dogs:
Our first as a couple was Paco. Wildcat picked him out as a pup and he grew to be my dog. I loved that mutt. His mom was a chow/retriever mix and his dad was German Sheppard. He had the long body of a Sheppard and the big bold chest of the Chow. He was as playful as a puppy and as stern as a nun. No one came into his yard that he did not know. Period. I was always finding various animals stiff and dead laying about the yard. Not chewed up dead just dead-dead. Like a soldier protecting his post he would kill the intruder and then leave the body alone. He died in 99 at the age of 8 and I still miss the big ox.
Then there was Sweedy and she is a Silky.
I was driving home from work one day and noticed all these cars swerving around the road. When I got up closer there was this little dirty grey dog just prancing down the middle of the road.
I stopped the car in the road and opened the door and she just bounced right on in.
Sweedy is a cute dog. Playful, smart and loved everyone.
However there were 2 issues.
One she couldn’t stop pooping in the house. No matter how many times we took her outside we would still end up with a steamy gift sometime during the day. She is smart but that is just something that she couldn’t or wouldn’t master.
Second was my son Beasty. He has a fear of dogs. He was bit in the face when he was too by a Bassett Hound and he is leery of all dogs now. He doesn’t want to be. He wants to be down there playing with them but he is afraid of a jumpy active dog. Sweedy sensed this and would bully him and since she would bully him he would torture her.
Nothing painful but it would not be unheard of to go in his room to find this little dog stuck up on the top bunk of the bunk bed looking at you like “Get me the hell down!” or hear a scratching from the linen closet and open it up to have grey dart streak out. She would nip and bark and snap at only Beasty and would also go into his room and chew on any toys she could get her hands on.
So we gave Sweedy to my mom a couple of years ago. She had been looking for a pet for her dog and they all make a great pack together anyway.
So now we have Jasper.
Wildcat is not a big fan of animals but she likes Chihuahuas
And last night was his 1st night.
And I am freakin tired.
And I cant wait till we get all our signals worked out so we both know what the other is wanting.
I just now figured out what “I gotta piss” looks like. Too bad I didn’t figure it out 13 hours ago when he was telling me.
I know who is going to end up being the poop, pee, feed, walk and play pal of this 6 pound rat.

I will toss some pics of this lil eating machine here later.


  1. I love little dogs, Chihuahuas are definitely cute and think they are Rottweilers sometimes. Good luck with Jasper. At least he won't poop like a Rottweiler!

  2. cant wait to see pics! i love those little things!!!


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