Saturday, June 6, 2009

This guy is awesome.

My 13 year old daughter says " he talks too much."


  1. he is at peace with every man in the nation! lol! he even invoked the angels AND the archangels! lmao i'm dying here! i'm sending this to everyone i know!

  2. LOL! this man is genius. coincidentally, he sounds a lot like i do when i talk to "authority" and "enforcement" figures. you're holding me down on the ground, tying my arms as i lay still, telling me i'm resisting you, and you want me to believe i don't have a right to know why you're doing it?!?!?! to serve and protect my ass. i'm glad he got away, even if it took babbling about yahweh to do so. haha

    ps: my captcha for this comment was "BLESSi." hahahaha!

  3. Wow. Passing that on. I'm amazed he was able to get up WHILE being tazered!


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