Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No soup for you.

If I were King

I know I have mentioned this before, I just wwanted to add some detail to the idea.

I would totally* change the prison system.
First off, every sentence just became harsher. What was 1 year is now 3 year, 3 years is now 5 years, etc. The local prison would hold all the little prisoners. The “I cheated on my taxes” type of criminal. No luxuries at all, though. No heat, no air, no cable, cheap food. You want better accommodations then you have to work your way up to them by helping the community while serving your term. Basically it would be like the prisoner would have 2 jobs. Serving the community and taking care of the prison (laundry, cooking, etc.). The way I see it is if a working mother of 3 can hold down 2 jobs while taking care of her kids, then a prisoner should be expected to do no less. They could put their current skills to work (accounting, lawyers, doctors, all doing pro bono work) or they can put their backs into it to build homeless shelters and feeding the homeless, repairing roads and stuff like that.

For the worse criminals it would be an offer of serve your term in the military (especially at war time.) or I would have one HUGE ASS prison built in the middle of the desert. This way the prisoner can either actually make something of himself or suffer in one of the worst crap holes in existence. It would be a bare bones prison but worse and nothing around for miles and miles. This would be to encourage the prisoner to sign up for the military where they can be put to good use. If they die in combat, then their sentence is over. If they servive combat maybe they can actually become a worthwhile member of society.

Now for the “big bads”. The serial killers, pedophiles, murderers and such they get to play “The Game”. The Game would be on a remote island somewhere with cameras everywhere. It would be just like the movie “The Running Man”. You survive X amount of days without dying of heat, lack of food, being hunted or the island killing you and you have get “The Ticket”. Winners of the ticket get paroled (or the choice of becoming Hunters on the Island).

However, you can only play the game once. If you end up in a position where you are eligible for the game again, then they just push you out of a plane into the middle of the ocean. That will save money from housing inmates for ungodly amounts of years and also serve to help the ecosystem as they feed the sharks and stuff with their nutrient filled bodies.

Too Harsh? Maybe but if you don’t like then DON’T GET SENT TO PRISON.

*I Freakin, Frakin HATE that this word has entered my vocabulary.

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  1. not harsh at all. actually, i dont think they should get paroled if they survive the island.


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