Sunday, April 26, 2009

a lil flag waving

OK at my job they provide me with all the tools I need to do my job.

Computer, fluffy chair, desk, pens, light, mojitos, heat AND cool.

Whatever I need.. (OK no mojitos, but thats OK)

why then do we send military reserves over seas without a pot to piss in?

Not even Tupperware!

If I work for a company that, in the course of my duties for said company, I am going to be shot at I kinda want some protection and I am not talking about a Trojan.

Sideways: Seeing Trojan Man appear on the sand dunes of a battlefield would be rather funny.

Why cant the US GOVT provide freakin body armor for the guy who works part time at WalMart and is now pulling sand outta his shorts wondering what the HELL HAPPENED???

It just makes good business sense for one.

When Bobby from Beaverton catches a slug in his sternum, you are just going to have to replace him. Now this new guy is going to have to learn all the stuff Bobby already knew ( where to clean yourself up after you shit your pants, the best sock for soaking up urine and how to cry softly in the night wanting nothing more then to just go the fuck back home).

Secondly, if the Government sends them there they need to provide the tools they need to do their job.

“sorry guys, I cant come to the war today. I haven't received my body armor yet. The FEDEX guy was killed at the airport.”

There is NO WAY I would, being a private citizen, provide my own tools for such a sucky job.

These guys are defending our way of life and we cant spare some shit they actually need. What the hell are you spending my money on then.

Oh thats right.

In this country if you fuck up royally the government bails you out.

My money is keeping a company running while the guy that works there just got a new double-sided belly button.

Sorry Mom, Bobby's not coming home for Christmas because AIG needs 2ply toilet paper in the restroom. 1Ply is just too scratchy.

Come on Bama!

If you are gonna bail someone out bail out the ones who really need it.

The guys who are running virtually naked through the swarms of bullets and the families that raised him so he could be there.

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