Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whoa is I

2009 has not been the greatest of years.
I want a do over.
Break out the grey and black funny hats and the noise makers that BLAT like a funeral dirge. It’s time for my Pity Party.

In the past 6 months

* Had my furnace thermocouple replaced (furnace is just 4 years old)
* Lost $300 into the great beyond. Don’t know where it went.
* I had my inner being turned into a warm goo (good thing) then frozen , smashed, burned and pee’d upon (bad thing)
* My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.
* My wife had 2 surgeries to remove said cancer.
* My hot water heater thermocouple went out (which is just 4 years old too).
* My Grandmother on my dad’s side lost an eye to glaucoma and I will be surprised if she makes it through the year.
* My Grandmother on my mom’s side is failing faster and faster. She is a tough old bird but nothing lasts forever.


These are just the highlights over all the pointless drivel that smashes one about the head and face on a daily basis.

On second thought never mind.
Party is canceled. (Well except for the cake. You can NEVER cancel cake. It’s like a law or something.)

Just gonna cowboy up and travel on.

Well, after I finish my cake that is.


  1. I had no idea about all of this. I'm so sorry.

  2. Just life. Gotta keep your eye on it at all times or it sneaks up and takes a chunk.


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