Monday, April 6, 2009

Household Hints

Blood Pillow

april fools day pranks 6 12 April Fools Day Pranks and Gadgets

Try this one on the weak hearted! This is a pillow design that in some images looks too damn real. It simply presents the person sleeping as if they have been shot in the head and are having major blood loss.

april fools day pranks 7 12 April Fools Day Pranks and Gadgets

As funny as this could be, it could also bring someone quite a shock…especially a loving mother, so please use as much as possible.


  1. where do i get one??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. click on the word blood pillow and there is a link in that post that will take you purchase.

  3. Wow. Nice. I could make my own...


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