Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stewart Lived Through Three Lightning Strikes

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is on high alert at home whenever the skies cloud over - she has been struck by lightning three times while hiding out from storms.

Stewart has lived to survive a series of frightening electrical shocks, while cooking and making crafts around her homes in New England.

Recalling the incidents, she says, "I was hit in a little house in Littlefield, Massachusetts, while I was standing at the sink... I was washing dishes and it hit me in my stomach.

"The second time, I was talking... on the telephone and light came through my skylight in Westport, Connecticut. (Another time) I was holding on to a metal stand. I let go and the lightning came back out through my foot."

But Stewart has brushed off the shocking occurrences, and insists her body is simply a bizarre conductor of electricity.

She adds, "Some people attract electrical things, I do... You can get electrocuted and not die.

OK how many hints do you need before you go "hmm maybe God is trying to tell me something."


  1. True story! Like, it was raining today, so I probably should have stayed home. God was trying to tell me to play hooky, and I should have listened!

  2. And yet god hasn't killed

    P.S. My captcha is "subratb". Makes me think of sewer rats.


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