Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dear anonymous,
You whine and dictate about someone else’s life adventures on their blog without putting a face to yourself. I will give you the attention you so obviously crave by answering to you here on my blog. Primarily is the cliché advice of “If you don’t like it turn the channel.” Secondly, who has given you the right to condemn/council the way someone else has chosen to live his or her life? Each person is given a life to run the way they see fit and no one else has any right to interfere with their choices. Sure, the people who blog may not be 100% the same as they are in real life. To confuse the two is sheer idiocy. The whole reason for a person to blog is, at heart, a creative one. To come to one’s blog and then to spend the time spouting off about how a person is wrong in what they believe and say is a complete waste of time. You obviously have come and have read what the person wishes to share, which is all that the blogger has desired in the first place. Do you read a book (you know, those hard square things that lurk in libraries waiting to attack with various ideas and opinions) and then write to the author to tell them you did not enjoy their work and that they should adapt more to your way of thinking?

Now, let me address your remarks directly here
I leave my remarks under "anonymous" for several reasons. For one, I"m not really sure what good it add to give you my real name. What is the point in that? I don't really see a reason to simply give my name because you just "want" to know it. What constructive would come out of it? I think you know that answer to that.—Like I said previously, it’s easy to point fingers if there is no face to put to the fingers. Basically what you are doing is creating graffiti (blogffiti?). Make yourself a persona if you need to but staying anonymous really puts no credence to your words. They lack all meaning.

Also I am not the one writing out blogs and talking about my life and giving the people the impression that the way I live my life is fun. The girl you writes this blog knows it isn't. She is scared to death. If you know here in real life then you know that. She doesn't like the person she sees in the mirror, and the people who read this blog deserve to know that.
Don't be fooled by what you read on this blog, and the person the writer wants you to think she is.--- But you are the one who is reading the blog and commenting on it. Why do we, as readers, “need to know” anything outside of the person’s words from their blog? Simply put, we are here to read the blog. I have absolutely no desire to know what Stephen King had for lunch last Tuesday or his feelings on world politics, but that doesn’t stop me from reading his books. This entire paragraph is dictated by your opinion, which you are indeed entitled to have. However, your opinion is rather derogatory toward this person and her choice of living. It sounds like you have a personal vendetta toward this person and if that is the case then playing peekaboo on their blog really isn’t the strongest card for you to play.

The life she lives is no live to live. This is why at her age no man will stay committed to her. Why would they? They only want to use her, no man will respect a girl that lives her life like this.
– Did you not notice the part where the author is in the “20 something” arena? The life she is leading is that of a 20 something. What? Do you expect her to be expounding about the benefits of adding Vitamin C to her diet and the highlights of her 401k. Maybe the bankroll she pulled in at bingo last night or why “Matlock” is so hot? She is in her 20’s. She is living and experiencing new and different life adventures. That is what the 20’s are for. You have to be able to taste life before deciding what flavor you want.

Also look at the friends she links to with blogs. They write blogs with much of the same content. Look how lonely they all seem to. Several divorced. Does life seem to be working out for these people? To me it seems like they live lives full of pain.—A personal unprovoked attack on her interests and friends? Tsk-tsk, that is rather low and unchristian of you. I have read these blogs and I don’t see pain and loneliness. I see young people sharing their excitement about the world they are experiencing. I see people venting their frustrations and reveling in each other’s victories.

Now, just so we are clear here, PGALC barely knows my name and more then likely couldn’t care less whether I was dead or alive. She does not need me defending her in any way possible and even if she did need defending, it certainly would not be me that she would turn to.
I have taken time out of my day to address this because

A. I am bored.

#2. I strongly disagree with everything you said and, by association, everything you stand for.

So, to recap.

Fuck off.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more.

    *you should enter blogfitti into urban dictionary.


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